Vectr’s Roadmap: How Free Cross-Platform Graphics Editor Is Going To Evolve Over The Next Year

Vlad Shvets
Oct 10, 2016 · 4 min read

Vectr is a free collaborative vector graphics editor, for both web & desktop. Our mission is to help everyone create vector graphic designs easily and intuitively, using its simple yet powerful web and desktop cross-platform tool. For three years now we’ve been working hard building Vectr from scratch. Last month we launched Vectr 1.0 out of beta and got covered by top media creating lots of positive buzz in design and tech communities. This is however only the beginning of journey for Vectr.

Over the next year we’re going to add to Vectr many advanced features, real-time collaboration, marketplace and powerful integrations!

Vectr is eventually envisioned to become one graphic design app for all— from amateurs and bloggers to professional designers — powerful and yet free for anyone to make their designs a reality!

So what exactly are the features we are preparing for you, and how is it all going to work?

Google-Docs Style Collaboration

Want to work with another designer, in real-time? Or maybe you want to make real-time changes in front of a client’s eyes? Whatever your use case, real-time Google-docs style editing is on its way to Vectr.

Worried about creative privacy and someone looking over your shoulder as you work? Don’t worry. You’ll have full control over whether your file is shared with others, or for your eyes only.

Built-in Marketplace

We’re building a design assets marketplace directly inside of Vectr. If you want to sell something you’ve created, just add it to the marketplace and add a price. If you want to buy, just hit the import button in the editor and you can search the design assets others have shared. Simple as that.


Want to quickly communicate visually with someone via Slack? Just type out the /vectrcommand, and you’ll get a link to a newly-created design that you can visit to put your ideas onto the screen.

You own a WordPress site and would like to embed an editable graphic project directly on one of the posts or pages? Vectr is going to allow you to do so easily by just pasting an URL. You’ll finally be able to bring pro-calibre graphics editing to your own website with Vectr’s editor, with a simple snippet of embedding code.

Built-in Versioning

Version control has always been a pain for designers. Today, we send email after email with version upon version of a design. Vectr’s going to change this.

All of your Vectr documents already have a near infinite history of changes. You can close Vectr, come back and re-open the app later, and hit command+z into infinity.

When Built-in Versioning is ready, you’ll be able to save multiple versions of your file on a timeline of your file’s history. This means multiple versions of a design, in the same file. Whether you’re looking to backtrack to an old version of a design, or just looking for version-by-version feedback as your design progresses, you can look forward to Built-In Versioning alleviating more than a few headaches.

Custom Portfolios

Besides Vectr’s Built-in Marketplace, you’ll also have the ability to share your design work which is not for sale with the rest of the Vectr community, which will be visible on your public profile. You’ll be able to customize the design and style of your public profile, getting just the right fit for you and your designs.

Usability Testing

Record how users interact with prototypes built in Vectr, recording video, heatmaps, and other usability stats you and your team need to create a great prototype — built directly into Vectr. Usability testing is going to be an extremely valuable feature for both professional designers and amateurs — we all love to know what others really think about our work.

Convert To Path

Sometimes, you want to manipulate the shape of text in creative ways. For this, we’ll be adding the ability to convert your text to a vector path, unleashing full control over manipulating your text.

Cropping in Export

Want to export a piece of your design, cutting off a piece here, and a piece there? With cropping added, you’ll be able to easily customize cropping your exports.

Font Search

In graphics editors, why are you forced to scroll through each and every font? Why can’t you search by font weight, style, etc? We’re not sure why this hasn’t happened in other editors yet either, but you can count on great font searching and filtering coming to Vectr.

And those are only some out of many features and updates coming up over the following months. Check out complete Vectr roadmap on the main page. Remember: Vectr is the graphic design tool built for people just like you, and we care a lot about you need! Let us know, and stay tuned for the updates!

Try out Vectr yourself here!

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Free collaborative vector graphics editor for web and Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chromebook.

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Free collaborative vector graphics editor for web and Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chromebook.

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