Vectr’s Unique Working Culture: Remote But Living In One City

@ Vectr we’re a self-motivated group of individuals; we love what we do, and don’t need someone looking over our shoulder motivating us to do it. This has led us to evolve a unique culture, which we feel perfectly blends remote work and in-person collaboration.

Vectr’s startup working culture is unique: we all work from coffee shops while living in Taipei, Taiwan — and we love what we do!

Our Culture & Work Style

At Vectr, we’re a very flat organization. We work hard on transparency, and blend just the right mix of collaboration and independence. Each of Vectr’s team members knows what is expected of him at every moment of time, and we all coordinate our activities via a set of tools and platforms.

Our work style has evolved into a unique hybrid of remote work and in-person collaboration. For the most part, we work remotely and make our own hours, but each Tuesday afternoon we gather together in one of Taipei’s many cafes. During the meetings we usually discuss product updates, the most important growth metrics, and carefully plan the agenda for the following week.

Product Team

Vectr’s engineering team consists of five brilliant developers (Emery, Yuren, Chia-Lung, Hsin Yi, Pomin) working hard every day building new features and making improvements to the existing software. It’s no problem for them to keep in touch with the development process via GitHub channels and Slack.

Important role for managing the product development plays ProductBoard. It’s the place where the detailed development roadmap for the next week and the following quarters is stored, carefully edited and managed by Nick (CEO @ Vectr) and Emery (CTO). On Product Board the Growth and Marketing team members also write down customer feedback and important hints our users are giving us.

Working remotely in the case of product and engineering team gives us more flexibility and focus. Each of the team members is able to define his own schedule and as a result getting an increased productivity and motivation.

Growth Team

Our growth team is driven by agile growth frameworks and techniques, restless about testing new traction channels and increasing users utility.

Vectr growth team is driven by the following : “We read a lot. We test a lot. We systemise everything. We repeat.”

We use Slack for communication, Google Drive and docs for systemizing all the materials and knowledge, and Growth Hackers Projects tool for tracking all the ideas and tests. It has proven to work well for us, allowing us to get everything in one place and improve our executional focus.

Working With Growth Hackers Projects @ Vectr

Working remotely is neither a problem here, since the growth team is still small and it’s easy to divide tasks and create a laser-like focus on execution.

Slack Communication

Slack has proven to be irreplaceable for team’s communication. It serves a bridge between different topics and teams, easily allowing everyone to keep in touch and provide immediate feedback. Vectr’s Slack channels are not cluttered however. We are doing our best to keep the communication focused and up to the point.

At Vectr, we know design connects people — we’ve experienced it firsthand — and we believe everyone should experience the almost indescribable feeling that comes from expressing your creative freedom through art and design. This belief drives everything we do.

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