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Diversity is the key

“A lot of different flowers make a bouquet.” is an Islamic Proverb describing diversity.

At Veertly, we live diversity every day. Not only do we have clients from all over the world, but our team is also quite diverse. Here are some fun statistics: we have over 7 nationalities, all together we speak more than 10 languages, and have lived in more than 20 countries. For now, this is our team, and we are really looking forward to enriching our team even more.

Last week we celebrated the 9th German Diversity Day, where the beauty of diversity was celebrated. Just like us, we had various clients celebrating and organizing events on Veertly, so that they too, can promote and celebrate diversity.

“Our society is colorful and diverse, and so should be the case within our workplace”, is the motto created by Charta Der Vielfalt. Here at Veertly, we completely agree with this sentence, for variety has so many benefits, especially at the workplace. More diverse teams are more creative and, therefore, have higher innovation and faster problem-solving. They make better decisions, for example, through a variety of different perspectives and have a higher employee engagement.

Still, diversity within companies and workplaces has a long way to go. Unfortunately, discrimination on all dimensions of diversity is still present: age, ethnic origin and nationality, gender and gender identity, physical and mental abilities, religion and belief, sexual orientation, and social heritage.

At Veertly, we strive to be diverse in all dimensions as we believe that a diverse and international team is a key pillar to success. We foster an open and transparent culture where everyone is valued and all ideas and opinions are respected. Diversity is part of Veertly’s DNA and is also reflected in our values, such as openness and teamwork.

Having different backgrounds, genders, etc., is a lot of fun and natural ground for creativity and learning from each other. We are very proud of the variety in our team, and we are only starting, as we continue to build our diverse team.

Currently, we have some interesting job offers, with many more to come in the future. If you burn for variety as we do and would like to work in an international and fantastic team, go ahead and apply. Let’s make the difference together.



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