Newsletter — 2–27–2017

Followers of Vega,

Since our last newsletter, we’ve pivoted slightly in our focus due to the radical increase in publicity and recognition received after our Reddit post. In the last newsletter we highlighted our interview with Luca Sabia, our listing on TokenMarket, and a few development notes. Now we’d like to provide a brief overview of things as they’ve happened since then.

After our listing on TokenMarket, we got into contact with some of the people there and participated in an episode of the TokenMarket podcast. We’re very thankful that TokenMarket invited us on and are excited to have been able to have a great conversation with Gavin Knight, who runs the podcast, and get our message out through a great medium.

Outside of this and other, smaller contact with media, we’ve been doing two main things: working closely with our advisors to develop and refine different aspects of the platform (namely the voting system), and dialoging with the community with a similar goal in mind — constant improvement of the platform.

So far, 2017 has been great for Vega, with each day bringing new and rapid advance to both the project and the broader Ethereum platform. We look forward to what’s to come.

-The Vega Team