Vega: Decentralized Effective Funding

Hello, my name is George and I’m one of the founders of Vega. Vega is conceptual and seeking early-stage discussion with potential participants.

In November, my friend and I, the founders of Vega, who began simply as cryptocurrency enthusiasts, became fascinated by Ethereum and the company Augur, a platform for trading the outcome of real-world events. This fascination stemmed from an interest in gambling (specifically poker) and financial markets. We were especially absorbed by Augur’s idea of leveraging the wisdom of the crowd to manifest a reliable indication of the likelihood of real-world events. Expanding on this idea, we wanted to see if it could be applied to other ventures.

Vega gets its name from options trading. The definition of Vega is: “the measurement of an option’s sensitivity to changes in the volatility of the underlying asset.” Investopedia

We believe the ICO market is one of the most interesting innovations of decentralized technology. The ability to raise money from anyone, anywhere, with immaterial transaction costs is, in our opinion, one of the greatest achievements made by the blockchain community.

Vega is not simply a fund that offers exposure to asset tokens. Rather, Vega is a platform where companies that have opted to raise capital via token creation can receive the help and funds of a community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. We believe that by relying on the wisdom of the crowd and having the crowd itself be comprised of genuine enthusiasts, who seek to promote the growth of these technologies, we can achieve the best results possible for both the Vega community and the overall market.

The other founder of Vega and myself have closely followed Ethereum since its inception, and have noticed the rise and fall of similar ventures. However these companies, like the DAO, have had major issues with their business at their core.

We’re not discouraged by this in the least.

Because we’ve studied those who came before us, we understand where we can add value that they lacked, and how to successfully face the challenges that were insurmountable for them.

While we’re still in the early stages of development, we are confident in the project and devoted to providing a valuable funding platform for the community. We hope the community will share the same level of enthusiasm that we do regarding the Vega concept, and we look forward to discoursing with you soon.

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