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A liberated mink writes a thank you letter

Until Every Cage is Empty

In the past few weeks animal lovers have been breaking into mink farms and…

Turning Carnivores into Vegans [ Part 1 ]

The energy cost behind meat and dairy production

Because mathematically we have proved that non-renewable natural…

Turning carnivores into vegans [ Intro ]

Make Friends not Enemies

Many discussions on being a vegetarian/vegan start and end with the ethical and moral treatment of…

Vegeterian government

promotion of vegetarian food at butcher shops 

In Sweden, if you want to buy an alcoholic beverage that is stronger than 3.5% you have to visit either the local pub or go to the only retail store allowed to sell alcohol – System Bolaget. This is the name and it’s owned by the government. There is a network of 422 stores and over 500 agents…

On Charles Bukowski and slaughtering animals

when do you go vegetarian?

“If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian”. You might have heard this popular quote by Sir Paul McCartney. Unfortunately they don’t. This is being taken care of. For billions of factory animals life ends there behind closed doors in a nasty brutal way. Shortly after…

My Return To Being Vegan

In the last month or so I've felt that some kind of dietary change may be emerging. I had been comfortably omnivorous for more than a decade, but was drawn to…

Cornmeal-Hempseed Crusted, Herbed Seitan

Crispy, juicy, and packed with flavor. I made this dish the other night and it was so much easier than you’d think! The homemade seitan was juicy…

Fresh - Organic - Local

I am an artist from New York City. While performing in Canada at the Edmonton International Fringe Festival we had the privilege of staying with a host family. Lucky…

Mom’s Brisket, Veganized

Using my mom’s recipe of a vegetable broth pot-roast, I replaced the brisket with Ray’s Seitan (the best), and added mushroom, scallion,carrot and celery. Then I…

The Choreographer

James Koroni is a choreographer, dancer and vegan who runs Enforced Arch. His work is amazing, so check it out.

Chickpea & Olive will Beet You Down

Chickpea & Olive, featured regularly at Smorgasburg in Brooklyn, is a farm-to-table purveyor of gourmet burgers, grilled cheese and potato salad that


Located in New Paltz, NY, Lagusta’s Luscious is an artisan chocolate shop concocting an array of decadent (and perfect) sweets. This box of 30 bon bons was a gift for my 32nd birthday…


The “Bananarama” pancakes at Champs in Williamsburg, BK are fluffy and delicious. Topped with cashew whipped cream. #vegan


cuisine, clothing & culture

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