Day 14: Last Day in Croatia

😿 The adventure is over.

Malina Tran
May 18, 2018 · 4 min read


Kicked off the day getting an almond milk latte at Cogito Coffee. Things I love about this place: it is closer to where our hostel room is, it is located on a quieter street, it is a real cafe (not a cigarette-filled bar by night). I’m quite smitten with it. I noticed their huge selection of vegan ice cream and sorbet in the fridge (!). DEFINITELY COMING BACK. $4.48


Today is our day of exploring Elafiti Islands. There are three islands, with the closest one being about 40 minutes away from Dubrovnik. After going to the first one, Koloçep, an island inhabitated by 163 people, we boarded a larger boat for lunch. I had some grilled veggies (tomatoes, red bell peppers, eggplants, zucchinis) drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice, along with bread and wine. Sure it was a medley of veggies, but it was really just okay! The meal came with the entirety of the trip, which totaled 280 kuna, and included transportation to the three islands.

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The second island we went to, Sipan, was in dire need of a beach. There was a rocky beach littered with trash, and it was all beginning to feel a bit disappointing until we went to Lopud. Our third island was a lot bigger than the other two. We walked over a mile until we reached Sunj, a beachy stretch of land away from the main drag. Being able to swim in the clear water on the sandy beach was heavenly. After diving in and playing in the water, I ate the last snack I packed, a peanut butter Clif bar. $0


Upon docking in Dubrovnik, I made a bee-line to Cogito for caramel with toasted almond ice cream. Two words: how delicious! After a sunshine-packed day, I needed something sweet and the ice cream really delivered. It had the perfect consistency and amount of sweetness. Had it not been labeled as vegan, I would not have even thought twice about it. I was so delighted, although in hindsight, the small tub was pricey. Still, pretty surprising for a shop outside of Zagreb to be making some bomb-ass dairy-free ice cream. $5.58

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After ice cream, I joined the hostel community for sunset watching along some cliffs. I went for it, and made a new friend as we climbed over the jagged rocks to watch the sun disappear behind a hill. The splash of color in the sky and water still made it a beautiful sight to behold. I left before the sun officially dipped, but couldn’t resist turning around every so often to see the natural beauty before me.

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Cat and I ended our trip at Congo, a restaurant and bar with an outdoor patio. We listened to a band do covers of greatest hits and old songs, and it was great watching the crowd swoon over these songs. It was getting late and I find that alcohol kind of throws me off my sleep, so I opted for a lemonade despite wanting to try a local beer. And that’s how I ended my final night in Croatia! $5.58

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