Day 5: Back, Back, Back to the City

Returning to Guatemala City.

Similar to other days that have started super early, today never really actually ended. We left the house in pitch black at midnight, which was a surreal experience given we were floating down a boat on the river. Everything around us was hushed silent. I watched an episode of “Daredevil” before succumbing to sleep. The road was absolutely dark, and the bus was cushy albeit a bit cold, and we made it to Guatemala City in about four hours. My sleep was fine, but punctured by moments of discomfort (oh, makeshift pillow sweater of mine) and occasional bright lights and honks.


After a brief nap, we all ventured to the neighborhood’s open-air market where we purchased a medley of fruits and veggies. My favorite purchase of the day was fresh corn tortillas, which we watched being made in front of us on a griddle 😍

We came home and made guacamole, which we ate with black beans and tortillas. I also had some oranges and pineapple which we bought at the market. Stuffed ourselves for the rest of the day. ‘Twas simple and delicious. $1.30 (approximate; shared between four people)


Today was a day for Gettin' Errands Done and hence I did some laundry since we will be away for the next couple of days (off to Lake Atitlán and Antigua) and need clean clothes. It was nice to lounge around and hang out with Adriana’s family.

Once we decided to explore the city center, we took a local bus that was absolutely wild. For instance: our cushion would slide out of the chair when the bus would come to a halt. And, besides the bus driver, there was another employee who was hanging from the doorway trying to get people to board the bus. But for two quetzales for bus fare, could we really ask for much beyond basic traveling from point A to point B?

We eventually made it to the historic core and visited the Central Market which was bountiful in produce, flowers, dried bulk goods, and souvenirs. We walked around the city streets, particularly enjoying its walkability and certain car-free zones.

For dinner, we went to Rey Sol, a vegetarian restaurant in the area. Ordered Orangina (real talk: I don’t know how to pronounce it) and the Primavera sandwich. The mock chicken filling was pretty delicious, but the sandwich overall was okay. The bread fell apart in my hands so I made it an open faced sandwich and called it a night. $5

Daily Total: $6.30