BREAKING NEWS: Vered Itzhaki Joins VeganNation’s Advisory Board

VeganNation is proud to welcome Vered Itzhaki to our advisory board. Vered has been a member of the directory boards of leading financial and industrial organizations for more than twenty years. She was a director of the Israel Electric Corporation, Israel’s energy monopoly, of Big, a retail holding company, and she chaired the Finance Committee of the of the NTA Municipal Transport Authority. Her specialization though is in foreign currency, hedging and financial strategy. As Head of the Foreign Currency Sector of the Excellence Nesuah Investment House, she oversaw foreign currency investments for one of Israel’s leading financial companies.

Vered’s company, Protective Inc., now advises a number of businesses on their ICOs. We’re thrilled to be working with her and we’re looking forward to hearing her ideas and her advice.