How SWEET it is (to be vegan)…!

Looking for the perfect treat for your vegan sweet tooth? I don’t blame you. Being vegan has given me a new appreciation for the simplicity of fruits and vegetables. But if you’re anything like me, there comes a time in your life when you just need something sweet.

Whether it’s a special occasion or you’re just treating yourself, I’m here to tell you it’s okay to indulge — when you have these three sweet-toothed VeganNation partners on your side.

The Vegan Candy Company

First up is a company you’ve got to love for simply does one thing to sheer perfection. That’s The Vegan Candy Company for you. Exactly as the name suggests, you’re going to get candy here, lots and lots of candy.

All the candy your heart desires without a twinge of concern that it might contain gelatin, red carmine dye, or any one of a number of potential hazards for you or the candy lover in your life.

Credit: The Vegan Candy Co FB Page

The choices are simple at this British site: choose your “pick n’ mix” candies by weight, or you can select their plastic-free pick n’mix for an Earth-friendlier option. They’ll ship all over the world, with full pricing available at checkout.

Credit: The Vegan Candy Co FB Page

There are also chocolate candies, in white or dark chocolate, though they warn that these are less friendly if you’re planning on shipping outside of the UK. They also offer a subscription plan, so you can keep the candy coming without ever having to reorder. This is simply one of the most mouthwatering vegan sites we’ve come across in a looooong time…


For many of us, when we think sweets, there’s one flavor we look to first: Theobroma cacao, the delicious roasted bean best known as the main ingredient in chocolate. But for diehard cacao lovers, it goes well beyond the familiar chocolate bar.

That’s where CacaoTV comes in. This online store, which runs on committed vegan, cruelty-free, fair-trade and anti-slavery principles, brings the best of cacao to discerning Israeli consumers.

Credit: CacaoTV FB Page

We gave up counting all the cacao products available on this comprehensive site: cacao butter, cacao beans, cacao mass, all in raw or roasted form. But cacao isn’t just about cacao! There’s also an assortment of other superfoods like goji and açaí berries, along with some you might not have heard of yet, like lucuma powder, aronia or Inca berry, and a whole bunch more, including more conventional dried fruits for snacking, baking, or cooking.

Credit: CacaoTV FB Page

You’ll also find a ton of ingredients for the conscientious home chef, like coconut and maple sugar, along with apple concentrate for a pure sweet baking experience. And in case you’re baffled by what to do with it all, they offer a selection of recipes to get you baking up a storm.

Credit: CacaoTV FB Page

Cacao offers delivery throughout Israel along with pickup from their store in central Israel. You can also find their cacao products at natural-food stores throughout the country.

ILO Natural Vegan Ice Cream

Finally, for many folks who try to eat healthy, the words “ice cream” can be pretty triggering. Even if you can get around the milk issue, there’s still all that sugar, plus unappetizing-sounding ingredients like guar gum, carrageenan, and who knows what other thickeners, preservatives, colors, and flavors to give it just the right taste and texture.

Credit: ILO Ice Cream FB page

Well, ILO Ice Cream is asking you to forget everything you thought you knew about ice cream. Keep an open mind as you take your first lick of one of their ten exotic flavors and you’ll be transported back to your childhood… and beyond.

Pistachio crunch, strawberries and cream, cappuccino with bittersweet chocolate, and many more, all crafted in small batches in Israel’s upper Galilee countryside by husband-and-wife couple Eli and Rotem Yakobovich. If you’re like everybody who tastes their ice cream for the first time, you’ll probably be amazed that it contains absolutely zero milk, because all their flavors are based on coconut milk.

Credit: ILO Ice Cream FB page

But there’s more — all of ILO’s ice cream is free of processed sugar, since they’re sweetened with organic agave nectar. And the flavors are all exquisitely fresh-tasting since they’re all processed fresh: from roasting nuts to squeezing lemons, they do it all themselves to provide a boutique ice cream experience your body will love as much as your taste buds.

If you’re in Israel, you’re in luck. ILO Ice Cream is available at most branches of Nitzat Haduvdevan natural food stores so you can bring home a new flavor any time you need a guilt-free treat.

Credit: ILO Ice Cream FB page

In fact, I think it’s time we all tossed that guilt out of the window. We’re doing the planet and our bodies a huge favor. And all three of these VeganNation partners are proving in spades that we don’t have to cut corners when it comes to our own pleasure and enjoyment.

So whether it’s candy or cocoa or ice cream… dig in! It’s time to enjoy the sweet taste rewards that come with living cruelty-free.

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