Trump Going Vegan?

There are growing rumors that President Donald Trump has demanded that White House cooking staff switch over to an all-vegan regime.

While this news may come as a surprise to many, the current administration has a long history of promoting vegan values. Last November, Live Kindly reported that Ivanka Trump’s children, Joseph and Arabella, requested a vegetarian thanksgiving after watching the president — their grandfather — pardon the Thanksgiving turkey.

President Trump Pardoning a Turkey on Thanksgiving. Credit:

An anonymous tipster reportedly said: “The First Lady’s diet is already mostly plant based. Pressed juices and raw vegetables. She was the driving force behind this initiative.” But this is not just about Melania’s needs. Our source added: “With Jared & Ivanka’s family adhering to a strict kosher diet, and the President’s waistline in dire need of serious intervention, veganism may just be what the entire White House needs.”

President Trump with a Dog. Credit:

White House Executive Chef Cristeta Pasia Comerford reportedly did not take kindly to the news, and staffers reported that the sound of crashing pots resonated throughout several areas of the White House, until the Exec, first hired by the Bush administration in 2005 for her techniques with aged beef, was ultimately subdued by several other chefs.

The other chefs, along with several security guards, attempted to call Comerford’s attention to the large White House garden full of succulent and cruelty-free vegetables — to which she reportedly responded by smashing several large tomato vines before retreating into her private office.

First Lady in the White house Garden. Credit: Flash News youtube

However, late in the day, Comerford’s media relations personnel reiterated that she “remains proud to serve at the pleasure of the President of the United States of America.”

Sources close to the White House have been denying rumors since February that Trump had switched to an all-plant-based diet after he was served a vegan meal during a recent trip to Vietnam in February. Wait staff had confided seeing pork chops, chicken cutlets, and steaks tucked under napkins, hidden in plant pots, and even stuffed hastily into staffers’ pockets following presidential meals.

Melania Trump allegedly told some of her close friends and staff that this is the right move for their family, the country, and the world.