Veganism: More than skin deep

When we set out to make vegan living easier with VeganNation, we thought folks would want to hear about exciting and helpful food possibilities. But it turns out that vegans are committed to living the lifestyle in every aspect of their lives, which includes vegan personal and beauty-care providers.

It’s not just a gimmick. Vegan beauty, body, and health care not only means avoiding animal ingredients and products that have been tested on animals, in a very positive sense it means affirming that you’re part of a community of caring, united by these important ideals.

With that in mind, here are some of our newest personal-care partners and why we think every one of them is great!

First up is Yuvi the Vegan Barber — Yuvi’s claim to fame is being the first vegan salon in Tel Aviv. This is a no-frills spot with a totally fun, hip vibe. He specializes in radical, fun cuts and also does a booming business in beard trim and care.

Credit: Yuvi the Vegan Barber FB page

For more of an upscale spa experience, Philip Martin’s Tel Aviv offers a luxury styling and pampering experience along with a whole range of innovative cruelty-free products that meet exacting organic and other standards and are now exported throughout Europe, the US, Australia, the Middle East and Asia.

Credit: Philip Martin’s FB Page

Moving away from hair and onto the skin, TOVA Skin Care — Medical Cosmetics offers a range of cruelty-free products and treatments to make your skin glow, including removing signs of aging like hyperpigmentation and permanent cosmetics, all in a calm professional setting in either Jerusalem or Tel Aviv.

Credit: TOVA Skin Care FB page

When you feel like being pampered all over and don’t want to worry about where those bubbles in your bubble bath are coming from, Ketsef / Foam Story Natural Cosmetics has you covered. From slabs of luxurious custom-blended soaps to natural lip balms and natural soy-based candles, bath salts, foot soaks and more, you’ll want to dive into a bath full of all these rich scents to tickle all your senses. You can also check out their Etsy shop here but be careful — it’s all just sooooo tempting!

Credit: Ketsef FB page

We all know how important fragrance is for our mood and wellbeing. If you care about scent, you’re going to want to visit La Boutique in Rishon LeTzion, both for their animal-cruelty-free versions of some of your favorite famous designer perfumes in both alcohol and oil bases for much less than the original price, along with an assortment of body-friendly and planet-friendly creams and butters.

Credit: La Boutique FB page

Sometimes, vegan care isn’t so much about pampering as it is about necessities. Without great foot care, for instance, walking and standing can be miserable experiences, and for diabetics, foot care becomes even more of an urgent necessity. Tanya Beauty and Nature is committed to providing a range of treatments from facial energy treatment to medical pedicures using products that meet the highest ethical standards in a calm, healing setting that imparts a more holistic sense of wellbeing.

Credit: Tanya FB Page

Looking for a great assortment of natural facial and body-care products for yourself or as a gift? Shaked Natural Cosmetics is one of our favorite options. Based on a kibbutz, and offering free shipping nationwide, the company’s products avoid animal ingredients and animal testing, just like all the others featured here. They also contain no preservatives or stabilizers, diluted creams, plastic packaging, or petroleum components, so you can feel extra-good about treating your skin to their products.

Like a few of the other companies here, Youji Clinic offers its own line of cruelty-free cosmetic products with free shipping nationwide. But they also offer a wide range of beauty and healing treatments in their Ashdod-based clinic, providing a holistic approach, drawing on acupuncture, medical massage, aromatherapy, and cupping to address a whole range of issues from pain management, infertility, gastrointestinal problems, and blood pressure.

Credit: Youji Clinic FB page

Most health and beauty-care providers either don’t know or don’t care where their products come from, what they’re made of, or what the consequences are for the environment. Choosing a vegan provider such as one of these innovative VeganNation partners is a sign of a higher level of commitment.

And as we’re learning, doing business within the vegan community also helps you connect with some of the most awesome people you’ll ever want to meet! Let us know who your favorite vegan health and beauty providers are and maybe we can cover them in a future roundup!

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