What Will Happen If Vegans Have Their Own Currency To Use?

What’s the relationship between nations and money? What makes a group of people create a currency to form exclusive trade within a location? What gives real value to the currency, the creators or the users? In other words, do nations create money or does money create nations?

Money and economies is what gives one nation a separate identity and ideological independence from other nations. We know where a person spends their time, based on the money they use. And we know a lot about a person’s personality, based on the items they purchase.

Money, therefore, validates separation from one’s neighbors. As soon as a country becomes independent, the newly-founded government prints its own currency. So long as the money is usable, the country’s independence is ideologically recognized. This is true also of people who rely on a bartering system for trade — all who use the barter standard are united.

Photo Credit: Canada Moms Blog

So what if we created a currency to be used by vegans (and their friends) to pay for vegan products and services? The value of this currency is directly connected to its users, as with all other currencies. Financial profits would benefit vegan and other ethically-minded initiatives. This currency would likely be used by people concerned about animal cruelty and the environment and would effectively create an independent group (nation if you will?) of vegans, who support one another and ensure their money is spent only on ethically agreeable items. Utopia or future? You decide!