Why We Need A Decentralized Cruelty-Free Society

The benefit of a community for vegans around the world, that’s evolving on a decentralized system.

What does it mean to be a part of a community? Is it about shared interests, shared values, or a shared language and identity? Since the beginning of time, we have always strives towards this idea of a Utopia. But what does that really mean? To have that perfect society where there is no wrong or right, no left-wing or right-wing, no arguing: just complete bliss and harmony. It’s an idea of the perfect society and everyone lives happily ever after. Of course there would be different types of Utopias for all the types of people in the world. So who’s to say that vegans should not have one of their own? That’s what being a part of the community is all about: transcending one’s language and nation for our utopia.

Vegan Nation’s mission is to bring vegans together to change the world for the better and to create a decentralized cruelty-free society that will allow people to make a difference via incorporating our shared values into the blockchain ecosystem and using a united cryptocurrency. The ability to create a vegan utopia on a fully decentralized system that will be the one place to empower each other, both individually and collectively.


The beauty about having a community is that each member has the same set of values, beliefs, dreams, and goals. All these factors are what lead to a lifestyle people choose, most of the time, to live by. For example, veganism has been around for centuries, and although there may be various reasons to why people choose to go vegan, we have the same goal: to end all animal suffering for human pleasure. This is what connects all vegans from around the world to one another, and will continue doing so as time goes on.

It’s no surprise that one of the main questions vegans get is, “what does it mean to be vegan, and why?”We live in a time when most adults have been raised eating animal products. In most cases, becoming vegan is not a simple decision made overnight, but rather a complex decision-making process that occurs over time. Being vegan is not just about what you eat: it’s the lifestyle that people live by, and clearly enjoy. It’s not about focusing on the food that is eaten but also all types of products that range from clothes to small household items that use animals.

So while veganism is about a cleaner and healthier lifestyle, it’s also making a positive impact on the environment. Aside from fighting factory farming and breeding animals in incredibly inhumane circumstances, we believe that it’s just not right to treat live animals the way they are being treated. If you live a zero-waste lifestyle, showing support for the environment can assist in helping climate change and save our mother planet. Did you know that the carbon footprint that is part of the process for breeding animals is only increasing the damage done? Veganism is not only about saving and improving your health, but also helping save the earth from destruction.

We all know that you only live once (and why not make it one hell of a ride?) but don’t forget that there are generations that come after you and if we, as a collective community, do not make a change now, there may not be a mother planet for those generations.

What is Blockchain?

To start from the very beginning, blockchain technology was created back in 2008 by the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto to establish a P2P, peer-to-peer system, that is decentralized and open sourced. Okay so those were a lot of new words that don’t make sense, but have no fear because everything will be described, and you’ll understand it all.

P2P is a system that is created and ran by the people for the people, without any interference by third parties.

But this is only successful with the decentralized and open source system. The decentralized system, by definition, is a system that doesn’t have a single running authority that makes decisions on behalf of all the involved parties. In other words, the system isn’t run by one single entity, which in most cases is a government body, but rather run by the users for the users. Finally leading to the last topic of an open source system. Again just like the name states, it’s a fully open source system for all members, and what that means is the software created is opened to be constantly updated and adjusted. There’s is never just one set of rules for the entire community. Ideally, the way this works is the first set of rules is created and all the members are involved in this, and once another set of rules is created the members that want to be apart of that set go off into that community. From there the community begins to split up and evolve into more directions for the desired conclusion.

The great thing about this type of system is that no matter where you are in the world or where you are in life you’ll have a decentralized community that you will be a part of that 1- makes you feel comfortable and 2- is constantly developing for the better. What’s better than this? How about a community for vegans that’s on a decentralized system that’s run by the people for the people.

Veganism and Decentralizing:

Now that it’s understood what blockchain technology is and the value of being vegan, let’s get to the main topic of this blog which is why should vegans be on a decentralized system. For starters being on a decentralized system is one of the best options for both consumers and businesses. One of the main reasons is to always feel that all your information is 100% secure and there’s slim to none chances of being hacked and losing valuable information.

Furthermore, like any other collective group of people, vegans want their own community where everyone has the same value. A community that connects vegans from all over the world to discuss recipes, products, places to eat, and much more. But most importantly to feel welcomed and part of a community that feels the same way you do. Having the ability to be on a decentralized and open source software allows people to create the community and vegan utopia they’ve always dreamed of. Vegan Nation is aiming to do this exact thing, provide a haven for the vegan community and for all members to feel comfortable and free to talk about what’s most meaningful.

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