Eating Meat Didn’t Make Our Brains Grow

I would like to respond to this post:

First I would like to commend a vegan blog for allowing a writer with a completely different point a view to post such an article on their site. I love to see that we can allow each other to voice our opinions to engage in discussion about our diet and lifestyles. I believe that some sections in our vegan community have a disgust and hatred for meat eaters. They go to great lengths to tear them down. This leads to nowhere though.

The 1st flaw is when the author states calories enabled our brains to grow so big. He does not link to any article that states eating more calories caused our brains to grow and become what they are today.

The article he links to only states that because we have a bulging brain structure it separated us from Neanderthals. It does not state eating animal flesh caused our brains to grow.

Also his argument that can’t get enough calories from fruits and vegetables is not correct. Humans require 1500 to 3000 calories per day depending on if you are male or female and how much you weigh and how much you workout. Eat 10 Mangos a day and you would fulfill the 2000 calories you need per day. I large mango has about 200 calories. They are also delicious and filling. The also contain all the sugar you need to fuel you through the day and all the fiber you need to help you make bowel movements. They are also low in fat.

The 2nd flaw is that he says a child died in ancient times of malnutrition because he didn’t eat meat. The author links to this article to justify his point:

The article he linked to states a child in ancient times didn’t get enough B9 and B12 which comes from meat and thus died. This is not true. B12 comes from soil not meat. This article by MIT News proves it:

“ Vitamin B12 is produced by soil microbes that live in symbiotic relationships with plant roots.” The only reason that cows, pigs, chickens, goats and other animals have B12 and B9 in them is because they consume it from the soil and plant based foods. Animals do not create B12 and B9 in their bodies.

B9 is found in spinach, romaine lettuce, avocado, mango, and oranges. This article by proves it:

This child died most likely because there were no stable food sources available for him or his mother at all. The article he linked to does not prove that the child died from a lack of meat. It proves the child died because he lacked B12 and B9 which is found in soil and plant foods not just meat.

The 3rd flaw is he states gorillas don’t eat animal protein and we do thus it made our brains grow bigger. He links to this article about 10 things you didn’t know about our brains to prove his point:

This article discussing nothing about his topic which is meat made our brains bigger.

Gorillas are foragers true and 95% or their diet is fruits and veggies. The do it insects though and they are also not opposed to eating other mammals. It is rare but in this article by National Geographic it proves gorillas will eat monkeys and small forest antelope.

The 4th flaw is he says eating a raw vegan diet and foraging for many hours a day would have been dangerous for ancient humans. I disagree. I think trying to kill a 300-pound wild animal would be much more dangerous than picking fruits and vegetables.

1 true fact he stated in his article is that it would have likely been impossible to survive on a 100% vegan diet. This is true because in early human history we moved from place to place and didn’t have a stable food supply. Life was purely about survival on a moment by moment basis. Now life is much different we don’t need to eat meat.

At the end of the article the author promotes a plant based diet saying it’s healthier in our current world. Also that current factory farming is unhealthy. I agree with him.

If you believe that eating meat caused our brains to grow you need to look at facts. B12 and B9 can be found in plant based foods not just meat .Yes, humans have eaten meat for thousands of years but that doesn’t mean it caused our brains to become what they are today. Our brains were able to evolve and grow because we adapted to eat anything that was available.