Cool Things to Do In Las Vegas on Monday Nights

Ah, Mondays. The first day back at work for most of us. Trying to get over week-end. Your favorite restaurant is closed.

Most folks don’t think of Mondays as the time to go out. But here in Las Vegas two of the kewlest things to do happen on Monday nights.

Mondays Dark. Want to do good and have a good time too? Then attend a Monday’s Dark session at The Space. The brainchild of Mark Shunnock, this is a variety show featuring the best entertainers in town for all of $20.

But here’s the best part: ALL of the money goes to a local charity. Mondays Dark raises $10,000 for the selected charity each night.

March 6’s session benefits Rockin4Rescues, a non-profit that funds local animal rescues by mixing a love of dogs with rock n’ roll.

Doors open at 8 for open seating. The show starts at 9. You can buy tickets at The Space’s Web page. Tax deductible!

Biscuits and Jam Sessions. This is the brain child of Chef Scott Commings. Chef Commings, in case you are not a fan of Hell’s Kitchen, was the Season 12 winner. He is currently the chef at Freedom Beat, a popular — and affordable — foodie restaurant on the casino floor at the Downtown Grand Hotel and Casino.

Biscuits and Jam Sessions are an open-stage/mic night for local artists to jam on the Freedom Beat stage, hosted by the Gibson guitar people. The music starts at 10 pm with the musicians unplugging at 1 am. Anyone who has been in Vegas for awhile knows how many incredibly talented musicians live here in Las Vegas.

The best part: the jam sessions are free.

Should home sellers pay for their own inspection before they list their homes? Here are three reasons why this is a really good idea:

Touring musicians can plug in too. Who knows who will show up?

Music lovers get to mix and mingle with the musicians.

Alas, you have to pay for the biscuits. They are a mix of sweet and savory, served with maple butter and the chef’s famous home jam. Each biscuit will set you back $10.

Another great reason to live in Las Vegas. Fun on Monday nights!


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