Yum: Carrabba’s Wine Dinners

Since I am Jewish, it is a mortal sin to pay retail. That becomes a challenge when you are the Eater Extraordinaire. So that’s why I love Carrabba’s Amici dinners.

The restaurant invites a wine distributor to work with the chef to create a four-course meal around four distinctive wines. The dishes all come from the regular menu, so you can enjoy them if you come on your own another night.

The food is always ah-maz-ing. But here’s what’s the most delicious: The meal costs only $45 per person, plus tax, title and license. These days a single bottle of wine can cost that. So the meal is a bargain.

Both the Henderson and Summerlin Carrabba’s restaurants host these wine dinners once a month. I have found they attract an interesting coterie of locals. The conversation is always as good as the food.

Tonight is the February installment. See you there! Mange. Mange. Mange.

Mange. Mange. Mange


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