Cryptocurrency Enabled Cannabis Point of Sale and Asset Storage Substitute

The VegaWallet Platform will be offering a special solution for cannabis based companies

The cannabis market currently faces many banking problems

Federal guidelines and local regulations prevent most cannabis companies from using traditional banking procedures. This forces them to keep many assets in cash, which can be a major security risk.

Our Solution: VegaWallet

VegaWallet’s complete cryptocurrency platform provides a secure alternative to traditional banking solutions. VegaWallet’s custom cannabis market solution enables businesses to accept cryptocurrency payments. We also provide a much needed service to exchange cash for cryptocurrency, implementing a secure asset storage solution.

Cannabis Point of Sale System

VegaWallet will establish a secure payment network within any location needing a modern banking substitute.

Point of Sale — A reliable Point of Sale System where payments can be made in cash, or cryptocurrencies like BTC, LTC, ETH, DASH, and our own VGW Token! We make running your business easy with our back-office options including Rewards and Loyalty Programs, Crypto Payroll, Business Metrics, and more. As a business owner you can even make a commission off selling cryptocurrency from VegaWallet or your Enterprise Wallet to customers in your store.

PAX A920 Smart Terminal — Our system will include all framework such as PAX A920 Smart Terminals. The state of the art A920 smart terminal provides options for custom application uploads, Cryptocurrency QR code readers and interaction with our POS system and business enterprise wallets. Other features also include credit card functionality (NFC, Swipe, Chip), signature collection, receipt printing and more.

Credit Card Payment Solutions — The team at VegaWallet realizes the difficulties faced by cannabis based companies when it comes to banking solutions. Most companies are not allowed to accept credit card payments or use traditional bank accounts to keep their funds secure due to federal guidelines. VegaWallet has partnered with a major U.S. based credit card processing system to provide an immediate integration of credit card abilities upon future legalization. All you need is our PAX terminal in your store! Until then VegaWallet will provide an alternative to credit payments in store. Customers will be able to purchase cryptocurrency on your point of sale system through our exchange platform and then use the cryptocurrency to pay you directly. This enables a secure solution and all steps to this process can be completed within a minute right at check out.

Our Cash to Crypto Solution

Have a lot of cash on hand? Why not convert it to cryptocurrency for easier, more secure storage.

1) Secure Cash Retrieval — VegaWallet will employ a secure armored truck team to retrieve all funds from retail locations. Funds will be transferred to bank accounts owned by VegaWallet in your region. This ensures that all cash for crypto conversion is accounted for.

2) Cash Deposit Is Verified — Our team confirms the amount of funds deposited into our account and sends out a confirmation invoice to your business. Once this agreement is verified by both parties we will convert the amount deposited into the cryptocurrency of your choice and transfer these funds into your VegaWallet Enterprise cryptocurrency wallet. VegaWallet works with many external companies to provide liquidity solutions for cryptocurrency acquisition. All transactions will be verified by smart contract and placed on their respective blockchains.

3) Enterprise Wallet Options — The complete VegaWallet platform provides many options when it comes to securing or trading your newly acquired cryptocurrency assets. Businesses can use our exchange to trade and accumulate more funds or enter different investment opportunities. They can also leave funds in the secure wallet and treat it as a secure storage solution. Make sure not to forget about our Rewards and Loyalty program or Crypto Payroll options available to help run your business! You have complete control once the funds are transferred to your wallet. Options for transfers, send and receive and more are available. Our exchange will also provide the opportunity to transfer your cryptocurrency back into fiat ($USD) any time you would like.

Cryptocurrency Payment Details

VegaWallet provides several different cryptocurrency options for cash conversion or customer payment.

Accepted Cryptocurrencies — VegaWallet focuses on major cryptocurrencies in order to provide greater liquidity options to our customer base. The major backbone of our platform extends to Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), DASH (DASH), and our very own VegaWallet Token (VGW). Customers will be able to pay you directly with cryptocurrency through our platform opening up a new market base to your business. This also provides a more secure and modern payment gateway to protect all incoming funds. Note: Because we work with banks and payment processors some enterprise based cash to cryptocurrency exchanges will incur third party fees passed to our customers. All fees will be available for review in your business contract.

The VegaWallet Token — Our VegaWallet token makes the perfect store of value for your business and provides many additional bonus perks. For the first year of your contract all cash to crypto transactions including VGW will incur no additional fees. VegaWallet can also work with providing VGW bonuses depending on the amount of funds per transaction. The VGW Token provides many use cases on our platform such as a commission discount for using the VegaWallet exchange. All transactions that do not include a trade with VGW involved will incur a small 0.1% fee. However, if a user were to incorporate our VGW trading pairs or decide to trade back into VGW to hold value, the commission fee would be an unnoticeable 0.05%. VegaWallet will introduce a Loyalty and Rewards Program to increase public business interest during our Point of Sale launch. VGW will be the first cryptocurrency provided by this program. Companies using our technology will be able to offer an updated rewards system focused on cryptocurrency to draw more customers or run promotions.

Custom Programs Available

VegaWallet provides custom programs to businesses who may need special treatment. Please reach out to us in order to discuss a custom process or contract that you feel would benefit your business. We are here to help by providing the most secure cryptographic payment platform. Please remember VegaWallet has to abide by all KYC and AML procedures. All processes are under official contract and require information on your business to abide by any money laundering legislation. VegaWallet is registered in Delaware(USA) and Malta(EU).

A Simple Explanation of VegaWallet

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