Cilantro comin’ in hot!

We’re closing out this week with some hot weather, throwing the farm crew right back into the summer planting rush after three relaxing days in Pajaro Dunes for our annual staff retreat. The whole Veggielution team was able to step away from our day-to-day work to spend some time together in a beautiful beach house, cooking and eating delicious food, enjoying the scenery, and doing some teambuilding. It was a great opportunity to make space for conversations and get to know each other on a level that we may not always have at work.

View of the ocean from our incredible digs!

After three days in a beach house, it was a little difficult to get back to our to-do list yesterday, but the farm crew launched right back into planting, weeding, and bed prep. Our first rounds of sweet corn are now in the ground, and we’ve got beans going in tomorrow. Tomatoes are growing at lightning speed, and our caraflex cabbage is heading up, hopefully just in time for the start of the Farm Box CSA!