Love your farmers!

After about a week of sunshine, we’re back to more rainy weather in San Jose, which is really beginning to have an impact on what we’re able to get done around the farm. However, after many years of farming in the drought, we have to be grateful for all this rainfall, which will be especially crucial for our fruit trees as we head into the summer season. The break in the rain was also just enough for us to get into the field and plant our second round of onions this week. Jason and I spent a huge chunk of our time on Wednesday diligently planting more than 3,000 onions, and were ecstatic to be joined by the rest of the crew yesterday to get the remaining 1,000 in the ground in about ¼ of the time.

Apparently we’re incapable of taking a good group photo, but here’s one of the whole crew (L to R: Jason, Mika, Tien, Colleen, Marlon, Annie, Nita, and Francesca).

With everyone’s varying schedules, it’s rare that the entire farm crew (staff and interns) are all in the fields at the same time. Yesterday was the first day since the beginning of the fall-spring internship back in October that all 8 of us were working side by side. Having my whole team there reminded me of how much we’ve accomplished so far this winter and how much the interns have learned and grown on the farm. And of course, it made onion planting go so much faster!