Special lunch for cerebrating

11th on May, we went to Pe Pe which is one of most delicious restaurant I heard from Yuki.

Yuki is our boss and today’s organizer.

VEHO Works is our company and it was established in Vietnam 10th on May.

So it means that we came to Pe Pe to cerebrate for Establishment of our company, and we could meet our desire to eat with all members finally, it sounds good and fabulous :D

It was our appetizer.

There were colorful vegetable boiled a little time on white dish, it looks like delicious and gorgeous obviously, so we ate all dish with satisfaction.

We cerebrate for Established of VEHO WORKS.

We had special time and we felt happy to have shared this funny and cerebrating time with us.

Good luck with VEHO WORKS forever !!

One things we had sad thing is that Daisy left our company at the end of April, Daisy has worked at our company on May, so we are really in sad.

That’s because we said good bye and thanks lots for working hard to her.

This photo caught last scene of that Daisy was at our office, it appears serious mood, but maybe Daisy hang out and drop in our office someday :D

As usual, Daisy is really powerful and talkative though, she looks like serious person then she got last salary from Yuki.

This is the photo shows her personality.

She played a role of an interviewer to demonstrate the real interview for Yuki and just meet all Vietnamese worker’s interest for Yuki .

Our new service is Vietnam Press and issue to our clients article instead of them with our connection to Vietnam Media.

As chatting and talking us casually with the future in mind, happened to organize this scenes lol.

Anyway, that was great time.

Honestly, Yuki wanted to express what he felt to workers, especially for Lien, Lan, Nancy, Daisy, we missed taking their individual photos so the time to explain them at detail is next time.

Thank you so much for working at VEHO WORKS!!

It was Yuki’s words and he forgot saying directly them so please remember this words and let’s do our best for VEHO WORKS.

I am just a member of VEHO WORKS, just I wrote about our special Lunch.

VEHO WORKS is good company and I guess I proved that enough, right?? ;D

Thank you for reading all !!

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