Veil weekly updates: April 1, 2019

A weekly digest of new Veil features and updates.

Paul Fletcher-Hill
Apr 2 · 3 min read

Auditing user-created markets

There’s been a lot of buzz in the Augur community recently about invalid markets. These are markets that aren’t well-defined for a variety of reasons—they are subjective in nature or their outcome isn’t measurable when they expire, for instance. Invalid markets cause problems because users may interpret them differently or not realize errors until after they’ve taken a position. We’ve seen this happen multiple times on Augur already.

We fully support users creating their own markets—we think it’s one of the most exciting aspects of decentralized prediction markets and one of our favorite Veil features. But at the same time, users shouldn’t have to worry about markets being invalid when they trade on Veil. So we’ve decided to audit all user-created markets and only show audited markets on the Veil homepage by default.

You’ll still be able to find unaudited and draft markets on Veil (just use the dropdown in the top of the market list view), but we want to encourage trading in valid markets. Audited markets will also be eligible for Veil’s Instant Settlement feature, so you’ll be able to redeem your positions quickly when markets resolve.

Market pages will also show whether a market has been audited. Just look for the green “Audited” badge at the top of any market.

Redeem your positions without paying gas

Now Veil lets you settle your positions in markets with a wallet signature, so you don’t have to send an Ethereum transaction or pay gas. Veil now handles relaying your redemption to Ethereum for you.

This feature is enabled by 0x’s new MultiAssetProxy, which lets Veil relay redemptions for multiple tokens at once (i.e. both long and short positions in a market). This is one of the first features on Ethereum’s Mainnet to use ZEIP-23, which was only deployed a few weeks ago!

Highlighting user-created markets

We wanted to highlight some user-created markets that have recently resolved and are ready for redemption via Instant Settlement.

🏀 Will Duke advance to the Final Four in the 2019 NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament? Created by Upperbound.

📈 What will be the Celer token price after the 1st hour of trading at Binance? Created by sernia.

🇺🇸 Will 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang have 250,000 or more Twitter followers on April 1, 2019? Created by morpheus.

Also, here are two audited, user-created markets that are open for trading right now.

🇺🇸 Will U.S. Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg Have One Million or More Twitter Followers on May 1, 2019? Created by TheAugurEdge.

🍿 Will the movie Avengers Endgame gross over $275m on its opening weekend in the US? Created by u.

Best performers from last week

Congratulations to these users on the best returns last week: jan_scott (+49.5%), bamos (+48.2%), Louis (+32.2%), f***thegov (+26%), and RealLeeks (+26%). You can view the full leaderboard here. Note that many users choose to keep their activity private, which removes them from the leaderboard.

Paul Fletcher-Hill

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