Veil weekly updates: April 8, 2019

A weekly digest of new Veil features and updates.

Paul Fletcher-Hill
Apr 8 · 2 min read

Fee-free trading for market makers

Last week we changed Veil’s trade fee structure. Any trade on Veil includes both a maker and a taker. The maker’s order is left on the order book, and the taker pulls the order from the order book by filling it. To encourage more liquidity, we’re removing the trading fee for market makers. Market makers now pay 0% fees!

Want to start market making on Veil? In any market, click on “Trade in Pro” to access Veil’s Pro UI. Or head over to Github to read Veil’s API documentation or start playing around with Veil.js.

Daily digest emails

We’ve started sending daily Veil digests to users. Now you’ll receive a daily email with your current portfolio value, recent notifications, and a short list of trending markets. It’s easy to update your email settings in your account settings if you don’t want to receive these notifications. Let us know if there’s anything else you’d like included in your digest.

Freshly audited markets

A week ago we announced our auditing program to ensure featured markets on Veil are high quality and valid. Here are some of the recently audited markets from our community:

🇺🇸 Will 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang have 300,000 or more Twitter Followers on May 1, 2018?

🏦 Will the Dai (MakerDao) stability fee be > 10% on May 1, 2019 (12am UTC)?

📈 How many listings will DeFi Pulse have by June 28th, 2019?

Will FC Barcelona win the Champions League 2019?

See the full list of audited markets on Veil’s home page.

Best performers from last week

Congratulations to these users on the best returns last week: david (+88.75%), zcapex (+82.25%), free (+8.95%), tr33 (+6.82%), and TheAugurEdge (+5.73%)! See the full leaderboard here.


Markets on everything, by everyone. Veil is a trading platform for real-world events. Get started now:

Paul Fletcher-Hill

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Building Veil ( Formerly Hill Street Labs, PatientBank.



Markets on everything, by everyone. Veil is a trading platform for real-world events. Get started now:

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