Welcoming Predictions.Global to Veil

We’re thrilled to announce that Predictions.Global, the most popular website for browsing Augur markets, is joining Veil. Predictions.Global is the front page of Augur for thousands of people — it’s where we go to find new Augur markets and to check on old ones. It’s the CoinMarketCap for the Augur ecosystem, and we can’t wait to integrate with it.

At Veil we’re building the easiest way to create and participate in Augur markets. We offer a peer-to-peer trading platform for prediction markets and derivatives hosted on Augur. With the addition of Predictions.Global, we also want to be the easiest way to discover Augur markets.

Predictions.Global was founded by Ryan Berckmans and Jorge Olivero. Ryan will be joining Veil in an advisory capacity to help with product development, especially future social features. We believe there will be a surge of new social experiences enabled by open markets — everything from websites reacting to which market positions you hold to reputation systems for curating alike markets. We’re excited to have Ryan help us design and build technology to make these experiences real and intuitive.

Our team will keep Predictions.Global as is for now, adding links to Veil in Augur markets we support. We want to make it easy for someone who has discovered a market on Predictions.Global to trade in that market on Veil.

Thank you Ryan and Jorge for making a piece of software that is fundamentally useful. We’re thrilled to welcome Predictions.Global to Veil.