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Meet the new Velas CTO — Roman Cherednik

When it comes to Velas we always strive to push boundaries and lead with innovation, the same standard holds true in our quest to build the best blockchain possible, in doing so, we look for people that have experience and leadership to execute critical tasks and bring the full scope of Velas to fruition. So today, we are happy to announce the new Velas CTO, Roman Cherednik!

His prior background in fintech stems from working on blockchain-based projects related to cryptocurrency exchanges, payment processing, and cybersecurity solutions. Roman’s intentions are to consolidate the technology roadmap and grow the respective teams to effectively execute at the highest possible standard all while bringing solutions and security to Velas blockchain.

Velas heavily relies on technology innovations, as a result, our biggest challenge is to attract talents that drive true innovation. As CTO, I will be creating an environment that empowers the team to achieve maximum efficiency as we continue to create something truly innovative with the Velas Network.

There’s a truly unique mix of talents that constitute the team and the Velas mission, but even with these challenges ahead, I look forward with optimism and determination to take Velas Network to the next level. So please feel free to say hello to me in our Velas Community Telegram channel — Roman

Welcome to Velas Roman!

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