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New Velas Wallet 2.0 Migration

We are excited to announce the rollout of our brand new Velas Web Wallet. At this time, the Velas ecosystem will undergo some exciting updates.

When withdrawing funds from an exchange to your Velas wallet, you must first create a NEW Velas Wallet. Please do NOT send coins to your old wallet address.

Creating and migrating to your NEW wallet has been made simple with these instructions.

We have created a simple step-by-step guide for a seamless wallet migration

Click here to access the new Velas web wallet

  1. Set up a “Pin” (remember to write your pin down somewhere safe and secure)

Please make sure to use a pin you remember. You have 7 tries. After that, you need to restore the wallet from your 12-word recovery Phrase.

2. Click “Create New Wallet” Tab

3. You are given your “New Seed Phrase” that you must save on your computer. (We are not responsible or capable of recovering your Seed Phrase, you will need to write them down and keep them somewhere safe and secure.)

4. You will then need to verify a seed word to confirm you have your “New Seed Phrase” saved.

5. Once approved, you will see a “Terms of Use” policy that you will need to accept.

6. Once accepted, you have completed the new wallet setup, and you can start using your new VELAS Web Wallet. (For old VELAS Wallet users remember to write down your new address to start the merging process.)

step 6

For OLD Wallet Users follow step (1) to set up a new wallet, when finished continue with step (7)

7. Log into your old VELAS web Wallet by clicking the link “old wallet” (near the top of the webpage).

8. Once there, you can start sending your VLX to your New Wallet address.

Press the red migrate button to start the migration process.

The new wallet 12-word seed phrase will be usable in any new wallet version web, desktop, and mobile.

This is the start of an exciting run of technical updates and improved functionality across the Velas ecosystem. I am looking forward to hearing feedback from the community and as always, big thanks to our loyal Velas supporters.

Alexander Alexandrov

Velas Founder

Should you have any questions, feel free to ask them in our official Telegram or Discord chats. Here are the links:

Velas Community Telegram chat:

Velas Developers Telegram chat:

Velas Community Discord:



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