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Velas Monthly Ecosystem Report #006

Hello Velonians!

Welcome back to another Velas Ecosystem Report where we’ll recap the month of July and what’s to come in the second half of the year.

If you haven’t done so already, come join us in any of our communities on Telegram to be the first to hear about any and all updates on all things Velas!

We’ve got a lot to cover, so let’s get right into it!

We’ve made massive improvements to Velas blockchain, effectively reaching all of our roadmap targets to date. While we’re proud of where we’ve come, innovation takes time. Here’s a look at what’s happened since we last touched base

Tech report 7/15–7/31


We’re focusing our efforts on our smart contract tooling including testing the random function changes using bitcoin random. We’ve further iterated on our auto claim feature, bringing it one step closer to mainnet after a successful trial on test net.

For those who missed it, auto claim allows you to automatically claim your VLX staking rewards as opposed to having to manually do it each time.


As we continually build out our foundation, we’re proud to share that we’ve successfully integrated WebRTC in tandem with our smart contract upgrades for fully functioning AI-enabled validation.

We’re currently working on integrating smart contracts directly into the Velas web wallet. This will further optimize transactions and provide onramps to new products and services within the wider Velas ecosystem.

The iOS wallet is coming, and we’ve been spending July fixing bugs and making improvements based on user feedback. Expect a big UI/UX facelift on both iOS and Android in the coming weeks!


The Velas Web Wallet has been our flagship product for the first half of the year as we transitioned from pre-alpha to alpha with the announcement of our Android mobile wallet app.


The Velas wallet has one goal — simplicity. At the beginning of the month, we showcased our new design via our Twitter account. Let us know what you think!

Velas on Android

For all you Android users out there, we recently released our mobile app and got some great feedback on newly patched bugs from our first release.

If you haven’t yet, we encourage everyone to download the mobile app in the Google Play Store. Every piece of feedback counts as we continue to make the best multi-currency wallet on the market!

BC Vault x Velas Hardware Wallet

For our security enthusiasts, you’ll be happy to know that we’ll be releasing our first hardware wallet in the very near future. We partnered up with BC Vault to create a one of a kind hardware wallet designed specifically for Velas needs.

We’ll only be dropping a limited amount, and each wallet comes with unique features exclusive to the hardware version. To be the first to get your hands on one, stay up with us on Twitter!

Velas one year anniversary is officially in the books.

Hitting this mark is a huge testament to what we’ve got in store. From building a mobile staking wallet from the ground up to iterating on one of the most cutting edge consensus mechanisms on the planet, we’ve accomplished so much and still have so far to go.

We just want to say thank you to all of the believers and supporters of the Velas Network, as without you guys we wouldn’t be nearly as far as we are today.

One Year Anniversary

For our One Year Velas Anniversary, we partnered with CV Labs for an exclusive meeting in our headquarters located in Zug, Switzerland. Some well-known thought leaders, partners, and world-renowned painter, Abdullah Qandeel, joined us for this special occasion.

Guido Buehler, CEO of SEBA, believes that the only things talked about nowadays in blockchain are the unentangles and tangibles but he understands that the social values are what is going to bring real change using DePi — decentralized positive impact.

Abdullah Qandeel understands that digitization is the key to the future, and making new discoveries in an ever-changing landscape is what will move things forward to a better world.

If you missed our meetup, here are some links to get caught up on all the action!

📽 📽 📽 Velas One Year Anniversary — CV Labs Meetup 📽 📽 📽

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Meet Roman Cherednik, our new CTO!

When it comes to Velas we always strive to push boundaries and lead with innovation, the same standard holds true in our quest to build the best blockchain possible.

We’re constantly looking for those with experience and leadership to execute critical tasks and bring the full scope of Velas to fruition. With that, we’re happy to announce the new Velas CTO, Roman Cherednik!

📰 📰 📰 Meet Roman Cherednik — Medium Article 📰 📰 📰

Women in Cryptocurrency

As you guys know, Shirly Valge is our Project Lead here at Velas. A few weeks ago, Shirly joined a panel of amazing women in blockchain hosted by CryptoMood. If you missed out on a true testament to the cutting-edge insights these women are bringing to the space, be sure to check it out here!


Velas continues to grow throughout Asia and we officially launched our newest community in the Philippines. In addition to this community, we also hired a new Turkish Community Manager to help us expand into the Turkish market

As 2020 unfolds, we aren’t slowing down and are still on the search for an experienced Japanese Community Manager to lead our Japanese community.

This past month Velas was featured in leading Taiwanese publication Money Weekly. This is a very popular publication and we were excited to be featured. We were also picked up by several prominent Chinese influencers, one of which you can watch here: If you prefer to follow news and updates in Chinese be sure to join our Chinese Community on Telegram and follow us on Wechat: Velas生态.

We are also pleased to be ranked on FeiXiaoHao and hope this makes it easier for our large and growing Chinese community to stay informed!

Finally, we decided to integrate with the industry-leading crypto platform Cobak in order to better engage our Korean community and expand our profile in Korea. Join our Korean community here

Alexander von Kaldenberg — Asia marketing director

Things you might not know about crypto?

One thing that we will always need in blockchain is education. Thankfully, the CoinBros have found a way to make cool, unique content on our Velas Official YouTube channel. If you missed their first installment check out the first video and let us know what you think!

Team Gallery

At the end of July, we hosted a Team Meetup to celebrate our One Year Anniversary. The Velas team is more than just a team, it’s a family. Here are cool pictures of us at the Ukraine office.

Another month and two more listings are in the books! We listed on two top tier exchanges and are now gearing up for more listings to come.

HitBTC Exchange Listing

We’re excited to announce our listing on HitBTC, an exchange that has incubated top projects since the beginning of the crypto revolution. We have two listing pairs — VLX/USDT and VLX/BTC — so if HitBTC is your place for trading make sure to add us to your favorites so you can start making some more VLX today. Exchange Listing

Another exciting announcement is our listing, a platform that hosts Bitcoin-related web-portals and services like an exchange and wallets. We’re happy to partner with them as they provide tools and education for users to keep everyone up to date with all blockchain-related news. Our trading pairs are VLX/USDT and VLX/BTC so join up and start trading today! Staking Referral Program

Since listing on, they’ve been a strong supporter of VLX with both a trading competition and a new staking program. Now, Velonians have even more incentives to join by using a new referral system for our staking program on

Not only can you start earning VLX on, but you can also now earn even more by referring your fellow traders and friends. Go grab your link and start referring to future Velonians today!

Closing Thoughts

As we head into another exciting month, crypto continues to show signs of an upcoming bull market. Regardless of where you look, the excitement has returned and we’d like to think projects like Velas played a small part in this.

For all you who survived crypto winter, the fruits of your resiliency are near. We’d like to thank each and every one of you for enduring tough times and could not be more excited to keep iterating on what we believe to be a game-changing solution for the blockchain industry at large.

Until next month!

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