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Velas FlashLight #002 — First BitOrbit details & Velas Vault

The second round-up of everything that has happened with Velas these past two weeks!

What is Velas FlashLight?

It’s all in the name — the latest and greatest news behind Velas across the globe, broken down into fast, digestible bites (Flash) illuminating the hard work our team has delivered in the past few weeks or so (Light).

Velas FlashLight is a bi-weekly roundup of Velas in the news and across social media, from videos and mentions from your favorite YouTubers and Twitter influencers, to waves Velas is making in traditional media and articles. All in one place.

BitOrbit — Decentralized Social Network

BitOrbit is made up of 3 modules, Account, Chat & Content. The union of these components aims to create a more social ‘Telegram’, powered by blockchain technology. Read more in this Medium article.

Velas Vault — Delegated decentralized security

Velas Vault allows users to delegate the security of their passwords, keys or seed-phrases to segmentation algorithms and validators that are interested in data security distributing information over the network and not available to any of its participants. Read here the full article.

Velas x Solana — The network levels up

Velas is excited to announce a major evolution in our project, leveraging and forking the Solana codebase to give Velas one of the fastest blockchain speeds on the planet — with Ethereum support, and going open-source. Read here the full article.

CEO and founder of Velas talks about this milestone.

Alexander Alexandrov (AAA) chatted with Velas community and answered some questions from users. If you missed the conversation, you can re-live it from this link.

New languages ​​support on our mainwebsite

The expansion of the community across the world makes it necessary for all of our project information to be available in several languages, starting with our recently relaunched website.

Our founder announced Velas Vault on Twitter!

Click here to read the full thread.

Velas x Solana partnership resonates across social networks and the media.

CoinCodex & Utoday tweets about this historical partnership that marks the beginning of a new age for Velas, emphasizing extreme speed and full compatibility with Ethereum.

Links to articles

BitBoy bullish on Solana and Velas!

Our next episode of Velas Volume UP is live NOW! Catch it for the top 5 best crypto practices

Did you miss the latest news?

Know Your Crypto!

A new series “Know Your Crypto” is made by Martin for the Chinese community. He will bring more video in the future, please look forward to it.

KYC (Know Your Crypto) Episode.1 — DeFi
KYC (Know Your Crypto) Episode.2 — DeFi and Hot Picks

What is ‘Know Your Crypto’?

This series was born with the objective of informing and helping users of our Chinese community to learn more about Velas, DeFi, and everything that happens within the crypto sphere.

There are already two episodes available! Make sure you don’t miss them.

Don’t miss out on this series of great infographics created by Velas Indonesia about Blockchain use-case.

  • Make fun with these memes from Velas Africa!

And the winner is…

We are heading into a new year, here we go 2021!

The Velas team wishes you a happy new year!

We change over the year and look towards a new horizon happy with the work completed last year, and the great community that has been built.

We thank each and every one of you and wish you a happy and prosperous New Year!

Telegram Voice Chat with Velas Team and Community

First Telegram Hangout

Sunday, 3 January 2021 at 2pm PST (10pm UTC) various members of the Velas Team answered questions from community and they brought us up to speed with what’s coming.

Second Telegram Hangout

After the successful first Telegram hangout, we are ready to do the second on Saturday 9 January at 10am PST (6pm UTC) for a chat about Velas Vault.

Join the Velas Wallet Event and WIN — 500$ Claimable in VLX

We invite all of you to participate in this event by testing and giving a review on our Velas Wallet apps on the Play Store, the most interesting ones will receive a reward in VLX. Read the full description in this video and don’t forget to subscribe.

Our amazing COO @shirlyvalge recorded a detailed interview with Crypto Advice all about Velas and what we have to offer

Click here to see the full interview.

The entire crypto marketcap has SMASHED through $1 TRILLION!

Bitcoin exceeds $40k

It was not investment advice - although, now, anyone would say so!



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