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Velas FlashLight #14 — Velas Ecosystem is mooning, led by our first DEX and Launchpad

The fourteenth summary of everything that has happened with Velas these past few weeks!

What is Velas FlashLight?

It’s all in the name — the latest and greatest news behind Velas across the globe, broken down into fast, digestible bites (Flash) illuminating the hard work our team has delivered in the past few weeks or so (Light).

Velas FlashLight is a bi-weekly roundup of Velas in the news and across social media, from videos and mentions from your favorite YouTubers and Twitter influencers, to waves Velas is making in traditional media and articles. All in one place.

Something tasty 🥩 has been cooking — the first DEX on Velas Chain

WagyuSwap, the first DEX on Velas blockchain, saw a meaty success on their launch these past few weeks, seeing 85x initial launch. The WagyuSwap community is growing massively, and we’re excited for this major development on the Velas chain.

Watch 👉 here 👈 the full trailer 🔥🔥🔥🔥

<Wagyu Socials>

🌍 Website:
💬 Telegram:
📢 Annoucements:
📄 Medium:
🐦 Twitter:

First 🚀 Launchpad on Velas Chain — VelasPAD joins the family next September 22

VelasPad will bring TOP TIER PROJECTS to development and life thru not only our LaunchPad futher boosting the ecosystem, but in partner with Velas which has a $5M Grant fund for new projects looking to develop on VELAS chain.

Visit the next link to obtain more details about VelasPAD and the IDO.

<VelasPad Socials>

💬 Telegram:
📢 Annoucements:
🐦 Twitter:
🌍 Website

Exchanges back — HitBTC, and ChangellyPRO reactivate trading for VLX

Here you can read the official announcements:

The time to travel is now — giveaway gave away $600 in prizes ✈️🏨 (3 x $200 each), with the event ending on August 26th, read here the full announcement.

Velas ($ VLX) has now been added to Savl

With $VLX on Savl:

• Buy, sell and trade VLX
• Instant Trade (Quick Ads) or Escrow trade (Ads)
• Max security with encrypted private keys
• And loads more!

👉 VLX on Savl 👈 (

RepresentDAO and Velas announce a new partnership

REPRESENTDAO and VELAS partnership will allow the REPRESENT Governance app to function to its full potential. The platform will be infinitely scalable and it will cost users a mere fraction of a penny to transact. Read more information here.

Deep dive into the Velas EVM

  • We maintain a new trend in the crypto-industry that allows projects to be independent of the network being chain agnostic.
  • There are clear benefits that all project owners and developers derive by leveraging an EVM compatible chain such as Velas.

Bamboo DeFi receives funding to build on Velas Chain

Starting in September, Velas users will be able to access Bamboo DEX / AMM to buy tokens, farming, participate in airdrops, and access a variety of other features that Bamboo enables, read the full announcement here.

$VLX now live on Uniswap and PancakeSwap 🚀

Velas Network’s native coin, $VLX, can now be traded on the worlds two largest DEX’s — Uniswap and PancakeSwap — opening $VLX to millions of new eyes 👀

Our COO — Shirly Valge, spoke on day 2 of this year’s CV Summit Leadership Circles on August 31st, 2021 🗣

The “CV CULTURE & IMPACT LEADERS CIRCLE” examines how blockchain is shaping sports, art, Web3 applications, music, and philanthropy 🌐

The CV Summit Leadership Circles took place at the Casino in Zug from August 30th until September 1st, 2021. Over three days, CV Summit gathered investors, corporates, and high-profile individuals in one place to examine how the present and future applications of blockchain technology will optimize, evolve and revolutionize our world.

Find out more:

Shirly Valge talks on the CVApodcast about decentralization, the power of blockchain, BitOrbit, data protection and privacy!

Velas held an AMA with Amplify on September 3rd, 2021 at 05:00 PM (UTC +8) in Velas Telegram Group

🎙 Live AMA with:
Eugene Tan — CEO
Vadim Zolotokrylin — CTO

Follow this link for more details about this event.

Velas held an AMA with Represent on September 14th, 2021 at 03:00 PM (CET) in Velas Telegram Group

🎙Live AMA with:
Dan Morrison — CEO/Co-Founder
Lance Morrison — CEO/Co-Founder

Follow this link for more details about this event.

VELAS 3.0 — The Ecosystem Update with our CEO and Founder, Alex Alexandrov

Latest Velas Digest

Weekly Digest 06.09–12.09

Catch up on our latest Velas digest, and let us know what you’re excited for with the week ahead:



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