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Velas on BlockDown 2020 virtual blockchain conference

Alex Alexandrov of Velas will be speaking at BlockDown 2020 virtual conference

As the world is in lockdown because of the COVID-19 pandemic, blockchain conferences have shifted to the virtual world.

BlockDown 2020 promises to be the leading virtual blockchain event of the year. And the Velas Team will be there as well! You can join too, wherever you are.

All Velonians can use the VELAS20 promo code to get a 20% discount on the tickets.

Alex Alexandrov — Velas founder & CEO — will be speaking at the Main Stage of the conference on ‘’How does Artificial Intuition solve the problems on the Blockchain?’’

And just before Alex’s speech we will have a special surprise for you all: the CoinBros & Velas new song video premiere! Don’t miss it!

When: April 17, 2020 (this Friday)

Exact time: 15:30–15:50 CET

Where: BlockDown 2020, Main Stage

See you there!

You can visit the BlockDown 2020 virtual conference in 3D

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