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Velas AMA en la comunidad Latina/Española de Criptomonedas e ICO

This AMA took place on November 4, 2020 in the Criptomonedas e ICO telegram community, the guest by the Velas team, was its CTO Roman Cherednik (roman_tik), also attended by its CM for the Spanish-speaking community Ramón (@rmarindex).

The structure was as follows:
📍 Segment 1: Project introduction and questions by the host.
📍 Segment 2: We will select the 5 best questions on Twitter.
📍 Segment 3: Chat will be enabled for a few minutes and we will select the best questions from among all those launched by the community.

AMA Start / Inicio del AMA — SEGMENT 1 📍

AMA Host: Hi Roman, nice to have you with us at CriptomonedaseICO. Before we start, we would like you to answer our followers a few basic questions, which they surely have.

Roman_tik: Sure!

AMA Host: What is Velas? / ¿Qué es VELAS?

Roman_tik: I was ready for this question 🙂

Velas is the widescale ecosystem of decentralized products built on top of an innovative AI-powered blockchain platform. We build our technology with a focus on scalability, security, and decentralization to solve ubiquitous blockchain trilemma.

We have two development directions — Products and the layer of the Velas Blockchain. These two unite into the Velas Ecosystem.

Velas Blockchain is designed to be reliable, this is why we build it to be AI-powered. AI will be used to empower DPoS consensus mechanism and will be able to change network parameters dynamically. This is essential to let the network adapt to unusual circumstances and prevent various attacks. AI will continuously collect data from validator nodes to understand what is happening within the network. In case if some malicious or unusual activity appears, AI will recommend changing the values of those parameters which will make the network more secure, stable, faster, or whatever is needed at that moment in time.

Besides the layer of Velas Blockchain, we build Vortex — decentralised social media platform for chatting and sharing various types of content: images, audio, and video. Vortex is run on top and powered by the Velas Blockchain. Since censorship on centralised platforms sometimes is very untransparent and questionable nowadays, we want to give all authority of content moderation and labeling into the hands of the community.

To make the platform more attractive to content makers we will also implement flexible monetisation. This means that content makers will be able to monetise their content in many ways, including donations from the community, paid premium videos, built-in crowdfunding features for widescale projects, staking on video, and other features.

On top of that, our Vortex Wallet will have almost nothing in common with today’s cryptocurrency wallets which are not user friendly and overloaded. The Vortex Wallet will allow the user to login to any ecosystem service with just one tap — by using biometrics on the user’s phone. Users will be able to operate with many crypto and fiat currencies thanks to the Velas integration with CoinPayments, where users can buy or exchange 1800+ crypto and 25+ fiat currencies.

AMA Host: What other projects has Roman Cherednik worked on in the past? / ¿En qué otros proyectos ha trabajado Roman Cherednik en el pasado?

Roman_tik: I have a diverse industry background, including extensive and technology-heavy work in mass-market blockchain apps, trading platforms, and cybersecurity projects development. My passion is about building high-performing teams that discover and implement new technologies to yield a competitive advantage.

AMA Host: What role does Roman Cherednik play in Velas? / ¿Qué papel juega Roman Cherednik en Velas?

Roman_tik: Chief Technology Officer. Helping Velas to shape the vision from the technical perspective and then make it a reality 🙂

AMA Host: Now that we have an idea of ​​the potential that VELAS has, and the very important person we have here today, as is Roman.
I think we should enter the second part of this AMA, with the best questions on Twitter. That Ramon and I have been super surprised by the great level there is.

Twitter Questions/Preguntas de Twitter — SEGMENT 2📍

Ramón (Spanish CM): We start segment 2 now , are you ready @roman_tik ? 😁

Roman_tik: born ready!

Twitter first question / Primera pregunta de Twitter:
1.- What is Velas roadmap in 2020–2021? Will there be any changes to your current roadmap due to the economic situation?

The question is from / La pregunta es de @angponme32

Roman_tik: We mostly did not get affected by the current crisis from the development perspective. However, we are a bit quiet as we are currently reworking a lot of items on our roadmap that we are going to present soon. In a nutshell, in 2021 our biggest focus is the improvement of the blockchain layer to handle 50k+ transaction per second, and the launch of Vortex that will bring social media to the next level.

Second Twitter question / Segunda pregunta de Twitter:
2.- Velas uses the AI-operated DPOS consensus (AIDPOS) for the blockchain network. What makes AIDPOS the choice for Velas? What are the advantages of AIDPOS compared to other consensuses?

The question is from / La pregunta es de @MissQ221

Roman_tik: The family of PoS consensuses, where AIDPoS basically belongs, is nowadays the most optimal option when it comes to the performance vs security characteristics. However, we believe that applying AI will improve the way the network adapts to unusual circumstances and prevents various attacks. So this makes AIDPoS stand out among other types of consensuses.

Third Twitter question / Tercera pregunta de Twitter:

There are many decentralized wallets on the market, for example a big competitor is TrustWallet. How does Velas Wallet intend to position itself among the best wallets on the market?

The question is from / La pregunta es de @kath_farzard18

Roman_tik: Unfortunately, the current wallets in the industry are far from being user-friendly and easy to use for non-crypto people. Our current Velas wallet is not an exception either. That is why we build a new generation wallet based on Vortex that will be as easy to use as swiping a plastic card in a shop. We believe this will also unleash user experience with the DeFi apps.

Fourth Twitter question / Cuarta pregunta de Twitter:

And about security in Velas? How often do you perform security audit updates to keep Velas safe? If there is a risk of data loss or attack, does Velas have compensation insurance for investors and users?

The question is from / La pregunta es de @Ed2win1

Roman_tik: We do not practice any insurance approach as it is a phenomenon of our centralised history. On the contrary, we operate in a classic fashion of open source development where people can see the source code and make sure it does what it supposed to do per their expectation and measure the risks. From our side, yes we do sponsor bug bounties, hackathons, and periodic audits that collectively help us make our solution more reliable

Fifth Twitter question / Quinta pregunta de Twitter:

What are your plans for global expansion? Is Velas only focusing on the market right now? Or are you focused on creating and developing or getting clients and users or associations? Can you explain this?

The question is from / La pregunta es de @MR_Alex261

Roman_tik: We see our expansion composed basically of these two things: 1) Build something useful that people actually need; and 2) Grow a truly decentralised global community around it. That is why we are extremely busy with the development of the Velas Blockchain with Products that run on top and simultaneously doing our best to build a global community around it.

AMA Host: Great, really super powerful Twitter questions/Genial, realmente fueron preguntas potentes las de Twitter We will see the level we have in Telegram 😊/Veamos el nivel en Telegram Well with this we conclude the second part and we go with the 3 part/Con esto damos por finalizada la segunda parte y vamos a por la tercera.

Let’s open the chat!/¡Abrimos el chat!

Ramón (Spanish CM): For this part, since the questions will be released in Spanish or English, I will pick for Roman and Luis will translate to English

Free Telegram Questions/Preguntas de Telegram — SEGMENT 3📍

Telegram first question / Primera pregunta de Telegram:

Velas is a community economy infrastructure with a large ecosystem and many pillar fields. There is an opinion that this is difficult to implement and makes the resources of the project dispersed. How do you respond it? Can Velas team put their caliber project into practice?

The question is from / La pregunta es de @RoZerius

Roman_tik: It is a very good question as we belive the global and diverse community is a must in any project based on decentralization 🙂
We at Velas put a huge focus on our community and work hard to make it as wide as possible, because no decentralization is ever possible without a community being Global!

These are our current hot spots across the world:
🌐 Global:
Indian:🇰🇷 Korean:

and this is just the beginning! So we do have plans on expanding it further, stay tuned!

Second Telegram question/Segunda pregunta de Telegram:

The cryptocurrency world is growing and becoming more competitive with blockchain and token projects, many of which have come up with some good ideas but still fail. So why do you think VELAS will succeed?

The question is from / La pregunta es de @thoatuy2507

Roman_tik: If I pick just one factor among the many that I think to matter the most to achieve the goal, I would say this is the team! Here at Velas, we got a brilliant combination of talents that make us truly unique. We are currently are about 50 people and with this team together I feel super excited.

Third question from Telegram/Tercera pregunta de Telegram:

3.- How does network version rollOut programming work? In the pre-alpha stage, the structure of the blockchain system, currencies and transactions is based on 4 nodes, which are these nodes? Why were there exactly four?

The question is from / La pregunta es de @ramma15

Roman_tik: I assume we are talking about the boot nodes. So yeah, they are just the nodes to get connected to the rest of the network and are not related to the version upgrades directly. In general, our network upgrade process is quite similar to the way Ethereum does it. The node operators upgrade their nodes individually and after a specific block is mined, the changes take effect.

Fourth Telegram question/Cuarta pregunta de Telegram:

On VORTEX, if someone uploads someone else’s content without their consent, how would you censor the inappropriate content?

The question is from / La pregunta es de @JesusAvlx

Roman_tik: Good question. We as Velas do not engage in that process. This process is fully decentralized and will be in hands of our community to decide what content is good for the community. We will only offer the tools that make this process smooth and easy. These tools will include governance and moderation portals, and AI components that potentilly will automate the process.

Fifth Telegram question/Quinta pregunta de Telegram

Now mobile wallets are the most popular way to conserve your money Does Velas have a mobile wallet? If so, what are its characteristics? If not, is there a plan to develop one?

The question is from / La pregunta es de @Love_You3585

Roman_tik: Yes. Velas does have the mobile wallet as it is a better way to store the keys. In the future our mobile wallet will also be used to approve login requests from the ecosystem dapps to enable the paswordless future for everyone.

AMA Host: Cool, thank you all very much, I think that with this great AMA many doubts have been clarified. Even some of the ones I had.

Ramón (Spanish CM): It has been a real pleasure is here with you today / Ha sido un auténtico placer está aquí con vosotros hoy.

AMA Host: Gracias @rmarindex @roman_tik por estar aqui hoy con nosotros!

Roman_tik: Thanks everyone!

Si deseas obtener más información sobre Velas no dudes en unirte a nuestras comunidades:

Velas Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube |Telegram |Spanish Telegram



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