[Partnership] VELIC ✕ DEBLOCK

VELIC, total digital asset financial service, has attracted strategic investment from DEBLOCK, a blockchain project specialist accelerator.
 VELIC is a blockchain-based financial service that provides a variety of services related to digital cryptocurrency assets. VELIC is built upon an innovative secure storage infrastructure that utilizes existing finance-grade security infrastructure, thereby creating a new financial ecosystem.
 The goal is to provide specialized services for individuals and professional investors through the combination of blockchain technology and financial services in a single integrated platform. A single integrated approach provides a broader more involved approach for all participants, and makes the entire progress transparent, ultimately leading to a healthier financial ecosystem.
 In April 2018, VELIC formed its own specialized organization comprised of financial experts , established a subsidiary in Singapore, has pushed through with additional development, and established business partnerships. The first step toward global financial markets will begin with launching an Exchange service in February this year (2019). Starting with the Deblock investment, VELIC is actively expanding its partnerships to build a financial ecosystem by establishing strategic partnerships.
 “Digital asset financial services are the most promising areas in the blockchain market in the future,” said Hyun Oh, the CEO of Deblock, “VELIC’s strength is having of experts in the finance and legal field as its core members which will bring provide added synergy as a team to create real-world success story,” ” In the long run, we expect our team to play an important role in providing crypto-finance services that connect the crypto market with the traditional market,” he added.
 Timothy Yang CSO of VELIC said, “We will strengthen our project permanence through strategic investments and strive to commercialize a variety of services.“, and also “We will continue to expand our global partnership based on this,” he said.

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