VELIC Staving service for staking Now Available

VELIC Financial
Jan 23 · 2 min read
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VELIC Staving Service

The crypto-financial services provider VELIC launches “Staking” reward service called “Staving” to allow a seamless staking experience.

Staving is VELIC’s unique “Staking” and “Savings” concept, which allows unrestricted deposit, withdrawal, and trading while ensuring staking rewards.

VELIC provides the best staking solution based on the no lock-up period

In terms of Lock-up is the freezing funds to prevent transactions or withdrawals for a certain period of time on the blockchain network. In general, staking services pass on such a network lock-up period to end-users.

If you stake your ICX on the ICON network directly, you won’t be able to sell or withdraw anytime you want. Indeed VELIC’s asset management team’s expertise ensures unrestricted trading of your ICX on VELIC exchange.

To get rewards now, you can register VELIC’s Staving service, which can be found here:

Key Benefits

Earn Staking rewards: You can earn staking rewards simply by depositing to VELIC. The rewards will be distributed once every three days based on the portion of the balance maintained for the entirety of such three-day period.

Immediate Trading: You can trade your deposited Crypto anytime, regardless of the network lock-up.

Immediate Withdrawal: You can withdraw your Crypto anytime.

Thank you all for your continued support!

Go to the VELIC website and login to start Staving service!

VELIC Official Channels


*Official Telegram Channel:

VELIC Financial

VELIC financial crypto service platform

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