Case Study: Smadex Performance

Mobile DSP Smadex recently ran an international CPA performance campaign to test the effectiveness of Velocity Active Impressions®. Velocity delivered Active Impression receptivity metrics to Smadex in a blind experiment, without knowledge of which impressions would click or convert. Only Smadex had knowledge of performance, and they were responsible for combining with Velocity data.

In this case study, a CPA, or cost per action campaign was for online paid subscriptions. The client pays only when Smadex successfully traffics an ad that converts, resulting in a paid subscription. If not, the ad still costs money to run, but doesn’t result in revenue for Smadex. For this deal type, Smadex, not the client, takes on the bulk of the risk. Whatever can be done to minimize this risk, results in a more predictable and more profitable campaign. Improved conversion rate increases revenue, decreases cost, and therefore lowers risk.

The results? Velocity Active Impressions with the highest receptivity converted at 7.3% compared to 1.9% with lower receptivity—a 384% lift in conversion performance.

We accomplished this result together. Smadex’s mobile focused real-time bidder can avoid “red” impressions, those which may be non-human traffic or bot fraud. Furthermore, by bidding lower for yellow impressions and higher for the green, more receptive impressions, the campaign efficiently allocates the spend where it will be most effective. Smadex CEO, Jordi de los Pinos said, “We are very pleased to see how Velocity Active Impressions perform and we look forward to deploying their motion analysis on additional campaigns.”

Percentage of conversions resulting from Green vs Yellow Active Impressions

By: Brett Bond