Introducing Time-Shifted Targeting: Optimal Audience with No Loss of Reach

By: Brett Bond

Targeted advertising suffers from a fundamental challenge: more targeted, smaller reach.

Time-shifting retains audience size by reaching each person individually at the most opportune moment of their day.

Here’s how it works.

Most people now reach for their mobile phone up to one hundred times each day. Some of these times are good times to reach a person with an advertisement, some are bad. A person driving a car—that’s a pretty bad time for an ad. Sitting in the back of a vehicle, that’s much better. Relaxing on the sofa reading the news? Good time.

These good times, are times of available attention, what we at Velocity call, receptive moments. Our Active Impression™ technology uses natural human motion and machine learning analysis to determine the most receptive moments, so advertising messages are delivered just at the right time: time-shifted targeting. The result, 3–4x improvement in conversion.

An existing audience, reached right at the most receptive moments

Since everyone is receptive for at least some moments each day, there is no loss in reach. An existing audience, however small or large, formed using any other targeting techniques, can be time-shifted to improve performance, thereby directing programmatic spend to the most effective impressions.

By: Brett Bond

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