Velocity Active Impression™ Now Available Through Beeswax’s Bidder-as-a-Service™

By: Brett Bond

Velocity, creator of the Active Impression™, announces real-time integration with Beeswax’s Bidder-as-a-Service™.

Media campaigns can now be trafficked using Beeswax campaign workflow and reporting systems. Through Beeswax’s UI, trafficking a campaign that includes Velocity Active Impression targeting is as simple and familiar as any data augmentation available on the platform.

Beeswax CEO Ari Paparo said, “We consistently strive to offer our customers the flexibility of unfettered access to data that enhances the effectiveness of their programmatic campaigns. We facilitate this access through robust integrations with best-in-breed technologies and are optimistic about the unique opportunity and data assets that Velocity’s Active Impressions provide. Using our ‘Data Augmentation’ APIs, Velocity delivers unique motion-based bid decisioning in real-time which has the potential to be a game changing approach to programmatic advertising.”

What makes this possible? Beeswax provides APIs for real-time bid augmentation, enabling each bid request to be matched with Velocity Active Impression audience. Active Impressions typically have a 30-minute TTL (time-to-live), so if a device indicates a “green” receptive state, then it is suitable for retargeting, possibly applicable to many campaigns, during that time period.

To target receptive devices, Beeswax users simply create a “Line Item” and select a “Green”, “Yellow” or “Red” receptivity state under the available Active Impression segments. All other segmentation, such as Geographic, Demographic and platform specifications may also be applied to further refine the targeting of ads. Each Line Item has a bid price, enabling higher bids during higher performing receptive moments and bidding less or not at all on users who have low receptivity. For example, a passenger in the back of a vehicle is much more receptive than the driver!

And all Velocity Active Impressions uniquely avoid non-human traffic (bot fraud) by using sensor data to identify a person’s individual motion signature, like an invisible “captcha”.

Interested in how Velocity can improve ad performance for your campaigns? Sign up with Velocity for a free pilot campaign, valued up to $100, so you can try Active Impressions with your own creative and targeting. Click here to claim your free ad campaign.