Answer of VELTRA quizzes!

Here is the answer of VELTRA quizzes published last week. If you haven’t tried to solve them, I recommend to challenge them from following link.

Answer 1 : VELTRA’s Block Puzzle

According to Archimedes, you know the correct word is “move” instead of “roll”, so you can find you should rotate each blocks. If you rotate them just 90 degrees in a clockwise direction, you can see the word “VELTRA”. That being so, the answer is “GENIUS”.

Answer 2 : VELTRA’s Alphametic

I guess you were able to solve this alphametic easily like a following result, but you must have failed to understand what “3776” means. To tell the truth, for most Japanese “3776” is very familiar number because this is the altitude of Mt.Fuji that all Japanese love. As a result, the answer is “Mt.Fuji(富士山)”.

Have you enjoyed solving these quizzes? If you find interesting, I hope to create another one in the future, so I’m happy to have claps.

By the way, the phrase “トラベル エラベル ベルトラ” in Quiz 2 means that you can select and make your original travel at VELTRA site!