Elasticsearch Tutorial for MySQL Users

Don’t Be Afraid of Elasticsearch

This article is an Elasticsearch tutorial for MySQL users.

1. Imagine MySQL Tables and Records

Let’s say there are three tables: countries, cities and activities.

Each of them have some records.

You can execute full text search for activities.title as follows.

Let’s do the same thing as above with Elasticsearch.

2. Run Elasticsearch

On your memory-rich machine, run an official Docker image of Elasticsearch.

3. Create an Index

Create activities index. It is like a MySQL table.

4. Put Documents

Put activity documents to the index. These are similar to INSERT statements.

5. Issue a Full Text Search Query

Now you can execute full text search to the index like a SELECT ... MATCH() ... AGAINST statement.

You will get a result like the following.

Next Step

Explore Elasticsearch reference to learn more details. Have a nice Elasticsearch life!