Xin chào ! This is Minh from VELTRA

Me about to eat chili

Since it’s my first post on Medium, I decided to talk a bit about my company.

I joined VELTRA in January this year, from then it’s been roughly 6 months stuffed of new things to learn, bigger box to explore, with fun and challenges.

My story

Before joining here I had worked in several positions for about 4 years in my last company.

I was a software developer, a bridge system engineer, and for some time an outsourced developer team leader. Yes you got it right! My team fully consisted of Vietnamese developers.

I’ve had a chance to work with them for about 2 years, then transferred to work in Tokyo for the later years.

Yet most of my previous work involved working with developers from Japan, China and Vietnam, hence a clear understanding of our users, the ones who actually used our products, were often a luxury I could not afford at that time. And sadly, no English was needed!!

My first impression

It really struck me the first time I was introduced to VELTRA’s office.

The place was filled with active people from different countries working together in harmony.

That glimpse of the company’s culture alone left a pretty strong impression on me.

My luck

And what’s best is that my job here has me collaborating with talented people from planning division, customer support, and sometimes even from sales division.

What we put our utmost effort into creating was often realized and reflected by our travelers’ satisfactions!

Furthermore, outside of work I could go jogging or drinking with others, by which we deepened our understandings of each other.

This is great since it makes working together so much easier, and life more content.

My place

After half a year being a part of this culture, I can feel the spirit of this ever growing contender aiming for the global stage.