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blueprint: 14: Our future is DNA

I finished the book today by reading the “Our future is DNA” in “blueprint” by Robert Plomin.

Here are my notes.

Polygenic scores have 3 unique qualities/benefits.

  • Predictions from polygenic scores to psychological traits are causal. It eliminates the usual uncertainty about what is cause and what is effect.
  • They can predict just as well from birth as they can from later in life. Your SNP genotype would be identical.

Polygenic scores will transform clinical psychology by changing the way we identify, treat and think about psychological problems. Here are 5 ways it will make a difference.

  • Makes it possible to identify problems based on the cause and not the symptoms
  • Move away from diagnosis towards dimensions. Genetic risks is continuous not dichotomous.
  • Move away from a one size fits to a customized treatment based on the polygenic score
  • Early warning system that will shift to prevention. It will facilitate research on prevention such as cognitive behavior and well being training.
  • Promote positive geonomics. Focus on strengths not just problems. Shift from disability to abilities. Health not illness

Genetics drives differences not just similarities.

Education attainment primarily reflects genetic influence. We must reduce environmental inequalities.

Heritability can be seen as an index of equality of opportunity and meritocracy.

Polygenic scores could impact mate selection.

Parents could choose embryos with the best score.



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