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Cassandra Speaks: Flip the Script

Today I read the “Flip the Script” chapter in “Cassandra Speaks” by Elizabeth Lesser. The chapter provided practical exercises of becoming a change agent for Women and Power. Here are my notes:

  • “One person plus one typewriter constitutes a movement. “ Pauli Murray.
  • Exercise 1: Know Her Name — Identify motivational people. Create a list. Circulate the list. Quote from the list.
  • Exercise 2: Make Your Own Greatest Lists- Make your own lists of books, films, TV, paintings songs etc. Create interesting titles for your lists. Try examining the items in your list that you have around the house. Share your lists with others.
  • Exercise 3: A Day Without a War Metaphor. Avoid using common catch phrases. Use/try metaphors from carpentry, building, art, crafts, gardening, travel, cooking…anything life enhancing, love spreading and nurturing.
  • Exercise 4: A Day With New Metaphors: Use and publish the metaphors you created.
  • Examples: Lay a careful foundation. Create a better blueprint. Till the soil. Unravel the stitches. Sketch out the objectives. Weave a new pattern. Spice up an old recipe. Paint over a problem.



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