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Cassandra Speaks: Part 2: Power Stories: Intro

Today I read the introduction to Part 2: Power Stories of the Cassandra Speaks by Elizabeth Lesser. It was encouraging and uplifting. She shares her personal struggle at the Omega foundation which she co-founded. Her struggles led to a Women and Power conference. Here are my notes:

  • Power definition- The energy, freedom, authority to be who we are, to be contribute and to create.
  • Power is NOT: at the expense of others, oppression of others,
  • Power corruption is: The urge to subjugate, punish, or annihilate
  • Women and Power: How to do it differently?
  • Do we need domination and violence to maintain order?
  • Are men divinely or biologically predetermined to lead?
  • Is the strong silent warrior better than an emotional, communitive speaker?
  • Power for what purpose? Influence why?
  • Promotion, money, leadership, to what end?
  • What are going to use our power for?




I read as part of my morning routine. I’ll share my notes about what I read here.

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