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Cassandra Speaks:Part I: Leaving the Cave

Today I read “Leaving the Cave” chapter of “Cassandra Speaks” by Elizabeth Lesser.

Here are my notes:

  • The cave paintings in Périgord France depict dancing animals, people and handprints.
  • The old interpretation of the painter of these drawings is that men did it.
  • The new interpretation based on the size of the hands is that women were the painters.
  • There is also Venus of Laussel which is a carving of a woman with a horn with 13 notches- could be moon cycles which is also aligned with a woman’s menstrual cycle.
  • Why were historic stories always about war life and not accompanied by the stories of care, parental, cooking, nursing, love and creation?
  • What would life be like if the whole story was told?
  • What is we thought in terms of Care vs. Conquest
  • What if resources were given to the people more skilled at peacemaking instead of war?



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