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The Art of Gathering 5: Never Start a Funeral with Logistics — Book Notes

Here are my notes from the “The Art of Gathering- 5: Never Start a Funeral with Logistics” by Priya Parker.

What do you actually do at the start of your event?

  • Prime your guests/attendees before the event.
  • Sow in guests any special behaviors you want to blossom right at the onset of the event
  • Create slightly interesting invitations
  • Ask them to perform a tasks that isn’t hard and gets them in the mood
  • A gathering is a social contract. It is an understanding between the hosts and guests.
  • What am I willing to give physically, psychologically, financially, emotionally and otherwise in return for what I expect to receive.
  • The name of your event is part of the priming process. Put the name in the invitation. Send info and be explicit with what you want of them.
  • Ushering — Manage their transition into the gathering. Avid unfilled, unseized time between guest arrival and the formal bell ringing.
  • Passageways and Doorways — Views these as opportunities to transition the guests into a new world.
  • Psychological Thresholds- Light a candle, make a welcome announcement. Pass out a special beverage.
  • Launching — Seat guests with a purpose. Amplify what you purpose is.
  • Bar housekeeping from your opening
  • The opening should be kind, pleasant and a sort of shock therapy
  • It should awe and honor them. They should feel totally welcomed and grateful to be there.
  • Fuse people together. Make people great each other.



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