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If you’re a small business, you need all the promotions you can get. This is where ambassadors come in — people who love your products and don’t mind promoting it to their group of friends, family and followers. Although most times, ambassadors like incentives to do this well.

So how can you provide an incentive, and an effective plan that works for your business?

Recruit ambassadors.

5 ambassadors is a good number to start with. Don’t get overwhelmed about where to find them either. You already have customers who buy from you and love your product. Put it out there and ask them to be ambassadors of your business for a perk.

Create unique discount codes for your ambassadors

Now that you have a few number of ambassadors onboard, create unique discount codes for them to share with their friends and followers. It could be a 10% discount code for when new customers buy an item from your store.

Decide the perk for the ambassadors

You could decide that after every 5 or 10 sales that comes through an ambassador, they get a free sample of your product. Your ambassadors already love your products, I bet they’d want more of it!

Track discount codes usage and reward ambassadors

On your discount page on, you can track how many times an ambassador discount code has been used. When they meet the merit for your perk, it’s time to reward your ambassadors!

And that’s how to kick off your ambassadors program and have people talking about your business even when you’re working with a low budget.

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