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Venice Finance is Live on Findora’s Forge Testnet!

Hello Venetians!

Venice, the world’s first front-running resistant, ZK powered AMM DEX, is now live on the Findora testnet! Let’s take a sneak peek before the Mainnet launch.

Venice is a next-generation decentralized finance platform, primarily focused on privacy preservation and cross-chain liquidity aggregation. With programmable privacy by default, Venice protects its users from such malicious exploits as front-running attacks/GPA-style MEV, transaction linkability, identity traceability, and more.

The Venice MVP will debut on the Findora blockchain, utilizing its programmable privacy features (via their Zei cryptographic library) to enable lightning-fast trades, minimal slippage, maximum liquidity efficiency, and protection of users from value extracting players and other malicious exploits.

In this post, you will:

  • View screenshots from the Venice AMM running on the testnet
  • Learn more about the rewards for being a liquidity provider
  • See what’s coming next!

See Venice.Finance on testnet here. If you want to test it out or learn more, you’re welcome to join our Discord channel.

Test it Out!

Here’s a quick guide for you to test out Venice on testnet.

First, install MetaMask. You may choose to configure your network RPC to the Findora Anvil testnet.

Or, you could go to the Venice testnet site at and connect your wallet (your MetaMask wil configure to the Findora testnet directly).

After the wallet setup, you can test out the swap features by clicking on ‘Trade’ in the main navigation.

Example given: VENI tokens can be swapped for FRA. For the EVM-compatible FRA test-tokens, you should send a private message to FindoraBot in the Findora discord server in the following format:

!evm 0x9c0700E390f0E9c98b894bF4Fc4d5c1Ac3e02D6B

where 0x9c0700E390f0E9c98b894bF4Fc4d5c1Ac3e02D6B should be replaced with your Ethereum-type address in the Forge testnet. The test token Airdrop will happen within 5 minutes.

On the swap page, your VENI balance can be found in the built-in wallet monitor.

With the AMM, you can now obtain your first veniETH! (the price is just for testnet purposes). Fees paid and price impact will also be shown to you. Click ‘Swap’ and approve the MetaMask transactions. Your VENI has been used to swap veniETH!

Want to try liquidity provision next? Click over to ‘Liquidity’ and you can add double-sided liquidity to the pool! First, approve veniETH via one transaction, then click the ‘Provide’ button to contribute to the pool. You’ll see your expected gain in the share of the pool, and your current share of the pool as well.

In the Info dashboard, you can check all the analytics for pools, tokens, transactions and other useful information.

For paired tokens, you can get even more details.

Liquidity Provider Incentives

A front-running resistant, ZK powered, and privacy-protecting AMM is cool. But so are LP incentives!

Soon, we’ll be sharing more details about what types of rewards and incentives will be available for early liquidity providers on Venice. Remember that the AMM will support pools for ANY VENI token — including all those currently supported on the Venice <> Ethereum Bridge, and whichever are supported in the future!

We have one more exciting incentive to share: Venice will be community-governed, featuring its own governance token — the VENI token, native to Findora and Venice. This will enable Venice to further decentralize over time and provide more value to users and liquidity providers. Importantly, this token’s distribution will be based on different aspects of usage, including the Venice <> Ethereum Bridge.

This all said, stay tuned to the Venice Finance Medium for more details on these opportunities and what you can do to take advantage!

And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, the Venice Finance Chat, the Venice Finance Forum, and the community Telegram. We’re excited to share even more about Venice in the near future!

After building the foundation for so long, it’s time for Venice to let privacy-centric DeFi out to play.

Venice is here.



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