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Wrapped Staked WAGMI (wsWAGMI) + Calculator - Now Live on Euphoria

Wrap your sWAGMI into wsWAGMI for maximum tax efficiency

Since Euphoria launched earlier this month, perhaps one of the most awaited improvement requests has been the implementation of wrapped sWAGMI. We are pleased to announce that this is now an option, and you can now wrap your sWAGMI via the ‘Wrap’ modal on Euphoria.

Euphoria UI

Tax Benefits of Wrapped sWAGMI (wsWAGMI)

Please note that this is not financial or tax advice and we recommend you discuss this with a qualified tax professional to ensure you follow the correct tax guidelines for your jurisdiction.

A major discussion point in DeFi 2.0 algorithmic reserve currency protocols has been the tax treatment of rebase tokens. Depending on who you ask, you’ll hear varying opinions on how these are treated by tax authorities. One of the more common opinions are that sWAGMI received during rebases are subject to income tax, and you will then be subject to capital gains tax when you sell your sWAGMI.

Considering that rebases occur 3 times per day, and there is no single transaction that can be recorded to track rebase rewards, it can become very difficult to keep track of your rebase rewards. For example, the following may happen within a single day:

  • 00:00 UTC — Rebase occurs and you receive 0.08 sWAGMI (potentially subject to income tax). Your current balance is 10.08 sWAGMI.
  • 08:00 UTC — Another rebase occurs, and you receive another 0.08 sWAGMI (potentially subject to more income tax). Your current balance is 10.16 sWAGMI.
  • 16:00 UTC — The final rebase of the day occurs. You receive another 0.08 sWAGMI, which again is potentially subject to income tax. Your current balance is now 10.24 sWAGMI.

Depending on tax legislation in your jurisdiction, you could potentially be subject to paying income tax at the applicable rates for 0.24 sWAGMI, which were received at various times throughout the day and would have had varying fiat values when they were received. When you sell these 0.24 sWAGMI you may potentially also then be subject to capital gains tax on any gain.

The introduction of wsWAGMI will massively simplify this. For example, if you wrap 1 sWAGMI you may receive 0.65 wsWAGMI (the exchange rate will change over time). When you hold wsWAGMI then you will always have 0.65 wsWAGMI. Your balance will not increase during rebases, and therefore there are no potential income tax events.

When you decide to unwrap the wsWAGMI you would then receive the corresponding amount of sWAGMI, taking into consideration the effect that previous rebases would have had. For example, if you originally wrapped 1 sWAGMI into 0.65 wsWAGMI: when you decide to unwrap the wsWAGMI you will receive more than 1sWAGMI — this will depend on how much the index has increased by.

Further Utility for WAGMI Holders

wsWAGMI will also allow you to utilize your sWAGMI in other DeFi protocols. Previously this hasn’t been recommended as you would miss out on rebase rewards if you staked/deposited WAGMI or sWAGMI outside of Euphoria.

With the introduction of wsWAGMI we will now be able to introduce further DeFi initiatives that will allow you to gain further yield from your wsWAGMI. This will allow us to progress the vision of bridging the gap between DeFi 1.0 and DeFi 2.0 — initially by offering traditional yield farms on ViperSwap, and eventually by implementing further exciting initiatives we’re working on.

As a key figure in the Harmony DeFi Ecosystem, we also hope to build further relationships with other projects in the Harmony ecosystem, and work together to grow Harmony’s DeFi space harmoniously. We believe that wsWAGMI can play a key role in this.

How to Wrap

  • Visit Euphoria and click on the ‘Wrap’ button on the side panel of the page.
  • Enter the amount of sWAGMI you wish to wrap, press ‘Approve’, and sign the transaction. You will only need to complete the ‘Approve’ transaction when wrapping for the first time. Subsequently you will be able to wrap immediately.
Wrapping UI
  • Once the ‘approve’ transaction has completed, press ‘Wrap’ and sign the transaction. Please note — you may need to refresh the page if the ‘Wrap’ option does not appear after approving.

Congratulations — you have now wrapped your sWAGMI! In order to view this in MetaMask you can add the wsWAGMI contract address:


Rewards Calculator

Another exciting feature that has been implemented is the rewards calculator. You can find this in the sidebar under the ‘Mint’ list.

This allows you to forecast different scenarios and will calculate the estimated return at the end of the selected investment period.

This calculator pre-populates the protocol’s current APY and WAGMI price. You can forecast the potential returns by adjusting different variables, allowing you to simulate returns for various amount, prices, and APYs.


The introduction of wsWAGMI will allow us to begin the journey of bridging the gap between DeFi 1.0 and DeFi 2.0. This exciting addition opens the door to using WAGMI in traditional yield farming protocols, lending/collateral protocols, and many other DeFi primitives that we have envisioned.

Make sure to follow us on Twitter and join our Discord and Telegram communities to be the first to receive updates!




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