Affordable and fun teaming out in Amsterdam, best locations and recommendations

Elena Avramenko
Aug 7, 2019 · 3 min read

Had it happened to you, that you needed to organize your team’s out-of-the-office activity but you struggled to come up with an idea of what to do or a place where to go? Plus, probably your allocated budget was not particularly impressive. For me personally, this has happened quite a few times, and I thought that some of the insights I had can be helpful to others as well, so please feel free to grab one or two to save your time. You are welcome ;)

Don’t judge me hard, it is my own experience and taste. Also a disclaimer, I am a co-founder of, so I will add links to my startup in the article.

1 — Drinking beer in a church

As you know, in The Netherlands you can have incredible experience almost everywhere, even in a church. The place that I recently discovered is an ex-church building and now a combination of a brewery and a cafe/restaurant. It is named , and located in Amstelveen. It is the perfect location if you need to team-out on a Dutch way, with true Dutch snacks — “bitterballen” and “biertje”—meat balls and a small beer.

2 — Rooftop terrace places

The view is everything, surely, in case if it is not raining outside. In The Netherlands, it is said that 57% of the year the sun is shining, so catch the moment book one of the rooftop terraces for your teaming-out activity. My personal favourite to have some wine with a gorgeous view—.

3 — Escape room

Escape rooms are a typical way to get to know your teammates better while solving challenging problems outside of the narrow scope of work-related problems. My favourite place to become a hero, also a very stylish one, conveniently located just in the city centre — .

4 — High tea party

One of the best tea-parties in Amsterdam is at . When I was there the first time the most impressive for me were 2 things — (1) soup, that was served as a part of the tea ceremony, and (2) incredible 100-year-old floor that added so much to the atmosphere of a place—it felt like you jumped straight through the looking glass in the Alice in the Wonderlands book.

5 — Play a board game in a vintage-styled room

If your budget is really tight, but you still want to have fun, I can suggest you to play board games.

Great options here:

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Marketplace for commercial & non traditional spaces

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