De Ruimte: a creative cozy paradise in Amsterdam North

Are you looking for a creative, cozy, and affordable location for your birthday, live concert, or workshop? “De Ruimte” is exactly what you need!

Jul 2, 2019 · 4 min read

At Venopi, one of our missions is to help turning single purpose places into multi-functional spaces. We believe that buildings are made to be occupied, not empty and that we can bring people together in existing places in a sustainable way.

We love De Ruimte not only because they combine their space into a studio and a living room during the day (ehem.. less intimidating); We also adore how they enable creative minds such as musicians, artist, and makers to collaborate and inspire each other through their space. De Ruimte is not just a café, it’s a stage for music, literature, film, debate, poetry, and art.

For today’s blog post, we are excited to welcome De Ruimte in Amsterdam on Venopi!

De Ruimte — Bar at Grote zaal

Why did you start De Ruimte? What motivated you to do this project?
De Ruimte is mainly an artistic space. We found that Amsterdam has a lot of talented musicians and other artists living in the city and passing by. We wanted to create a space where there’s room for experiment, for new collaborations, and where the audience is close to the ‘stage’. But we also wanted it to be a public space, where you can have a beer, and go out for a meal. This way, we bring all kinds of people together.

De Ruimte is not just a café, it’s a stage for music, literature, film, debate, poetry, and art.

What do you think is one of the most exciting features of your venue that sets it apart from others?
I think that would be the way we organize things. We encourage musicians, chefs, and other people to create events. So instead of having a fixed idea about what should happen, we invite others to create the space with us.

Tuinhuis at De Ruimte is perfect for your next Birthday party!

Can you tell us a stand-out experience you have related to De Ruimte?
Over the years, we’ve had many strange moments. From organizing concerts in our next door sauna, booking bands so big that part of them had to stand behind the bar, to our opening party where we had people crowd surfing and hanging from the ceiling. Actually, it’s been quite fun along the way.

How do people currently find and book your space?
Usually, visitors that like the space, ask if they can also book it for something private. Or they visit our website/Facebook.

What kind of events have you hosted so far? What kind of events you’d like to host that you haven’t done?
We have done a lot. Lots of live music, but also (after)parties, spoken word, meetings, and presentations, dinners, two weddings, lots of birthdays, band rehearsals, a few exhibitions. But we’re quite open to other ideas.

Grote zaal at De Ruimte can host up to 70 people

How much does each booking cost approximately?
That really depends on the kind of booking. To give an impression, we have 3 spaces at De Ruimte:
- Zaaltje (47m2),
- Tuinhuis (60m2), and
- Grote zaal (142m2)

Zaaltje’s rental costs €50 per hour, Tuinhuis €60 per hour, and Grote zaal €70 per hour. These are the base cost of the space to see more info, you could check us out on Venopi.

Why did you decide to list your space with Venopi?
You’re a sympathetic initiative! We’re happy to be on your site.

Anything new or exciting that you are working on and you’d like to share with us?
We’re also involved in Lolaland (the former Blijburg), and we have more than enough free space there 😉

Would you like to hire De Ruimte for your next birthday, live concert or gathering? Or would you like to collaborate on something amazing?

Check them out! Life is too short to be spent at boring locations!

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