Rent space at the beach of Ijburg Amsterdam: Haas & Popi at LOLAland

Are you looking for a cozy, next to the beach and affordable location for your next gathering? “Haas&Popi” is exactly what you have been looking for!

Aug 14, 2019 · 4 min read

At Venopi, one of our missions is to help turning single purpose places into multi-functional spaces. We believe that buildings are made to be occupied, not empty and that we can bring people together in existing places in a sustainable way.

We love Haas & Popi because of their unique, sustainable, & affordable location; We also adore how they utilize LOLAland and create a new purpose for it and transform it into a fun new space for the local community. Haas & Popi is not just a restaurant; it’s a stage for music, performance, party, and debate with bar and terrace facilities attached to it.

For today’s blog post, we are excited to welcome Haas & Popi in Amsterdam on Venopi!

Haas & Popi at LOLAland

Haas & Popi is part of LOLAland. LOLA creates a new purpose for empty buildings, and comes up with fun new spaces for the local community. That is how Haas & Popi came to live in this beautiful blue building.

What are the facts about Haas&Popi that most people don’t know about?
Haas & Popi is a pop-up location that is located at the beach of IJburg. We fell in love with the beach, water and nature. For two more summers we can explore this beautiful space, organise parties and enjoy life at the beach.

Haas & Popi is part of LOLAland. LOLA creates a new purpose for empty buildings, and comes up with fun new spaces for the local community. That is how Haas & Popi came to live in this beautiful blue building.

What do you think is one of the most exciting features of your venue that sets it apart from others?
We are literally located ON the beach. You can walk a couple of meters and jump in the water. This combined with locally harvested products and a great natural wine list, makes it a special spot 🌈

The Terrace (tent)

Can you tell us a stand-out experience you have related to Haas & Popi?
We had a super exciting circus event. Everyone was dressed up as clowns and acrobats. The beautiful decorations made it a memorable party.

Also we have had some really cool collaborations with festivals and brands. We sometimes heat up the BBQ for groups bigger than 300 people and DJ’s play tunes till the early morning. It’s always great fun.

De Dakhaas — a great space for artists

How do people currently find and book your space?
They find us mostly mouth-to-mouth & for now you can book us via Venopi! Here is the link to Het Restaurant and De Dakhaas

The Restaurant — Bar

What kind of events have you hosted so far? What kind of events you’d like to host that you haven’t done?
Lots of different events. Big dinner party’s, weddings, Christmas party’s, company party’s, small gatherings, dress-up parties, BBQ party’s, beach activities.

We also have one room suitable for business meetings. We always have to check with the local council as they are renting out this space.

Het Restaurant — Your next birthday location

How much does each booking cost approximately?
This is very difficult to say as we sometimes have small bookings of 10 people, and sometimes bookings over 500 people. We always try to make a fair price.

The Restaurant — Fireplace

Anything new or exciting that you are working on and you’d like to share with us?
We are thinking of fun new concepts during winter. Still in progress 😉

Would you like to hire Haas & Popi for your next gathering? Or would you like to collaborate on something amazing?

Check them out! Life is too short to be spent at boring locations!

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